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1 Rob Bates & Brian Chalcraft                75.60%

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4 Dave & Jenny Evans                   74.31%

5 Teresa Morgan & David Harfield           73.33%








PB Documents

The objective is to provide facilities for the playing of Duplicate Bridge.


Maintain a friendly and courteous attitude at all times.

Refrain from making gratuitous comments during the auction and play.

Refrain from speaking loudly, especially if discussing a hand you have just played.

Only one board at a time should be placed on the table.

When a board is to be played it is placed in the centre of the table until play is completed. However, should all players agree, the board may be placed to one side/corner of the table.

Count your cards face down before looking at your hand.

Decide on your call before touching your bidding cards.

When alerting partner’s call do not offer an explanation unless asked.

Only ask the meaning of a call when it is your turn to call and when the explanation may affect your action.

When making a jump bid, first display the STOP card, and then make the bid.

When making the first lead, place your card face down on the table and ask whether your partner or declarer has any questions about the auction.

Leave the bidding cards on the table until the first lead has been made.

Declarer plays a card from dummy by naming it, and then dummy selects the named card.

Declarer should not touch the dummy unless it is necessary and should first name the card.

After all the cards are played to a trick, declarer or either defender may ask to see them, PROVIDED that he/she has not turned his/her card.

Declarer or defenders may look at their own last played card to determine whose lead it is.

When all tricks have been played, the number of tricks gained by each side should be agreed by all players before any cards are returned to the board.

If any infringement of the rules may have occurred, call the director immediately or reserve your right to do so subsequently.

No food is to be consumed at the bridge table.

Players should remove their used glasses, cups, bottles, etc. from the tables.

All mobile phones must be switched off before play commences.