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PBC Documents

The objects of "The Club" shall be to provide facilities for the playing of Duplicate Bridge.









The Club shall be called “THE PAPHOS BRIDGE CLUB”














The principle objective of the Club is to promote and regulate Duplicate Bridge events within the Club.




It is also the objective of the Club to promote the general playing of Bridge and to foster the development of Bridge within the Paphos area by the provision of coaching and teaching for members new to the game of Bridge.







The terms of membership shall be defined in the Rules of the Club and shall consist of two classes:


(a)        Ordinary Members.


(b)        Honorary Members.







There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Club in February of each year, the date and place to be fixed by the Committee after giving at least 14 days previous notice.




Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened by the Committee after giving at least 10 days previous notice.




Notices under Sections 5. and 6. shall be given in such way as may be decided by the Committee.




At any General Meeting the Chairman of the Committee shall preside, or in his absence the Vice Chairman shall preside, and in the absence of both Chairman and Vice Chairman, the meeting shall first elect a Chairman.  The rules of the Club shall prescribe the number of members who shall constitute a quorum.  Any General Meeting may be adjourned from time to time, and for any meeting so adjourned the members present shall constitute a quorum when reconvened.







The Committee shall consist of not more than seven members of the Club elected by a General Meeting of the Club and shall normally serve for a period of one year from the date of the election.



The entire property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee for the time being as Trustees on behalf of the members.




The Committee may co-opt any member to be an additional member of the Committee, up to the maximum of seven members, or in replacement of a member who is absent from Cyprus or who has for any reason ceased to serve on the Committee.




The Committee shall elect Club Officers from its members which must include a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer (or Chairman/Treasurer, Secretary/Treasurer).







The Committee may appoint from the Members of the Club such Sub-Committees as it may think fit and in particular for:





Selection of teams from the members to represent the Club in Inter-Club and National events.



Organising such tournaments and events as may appear appropriate.







The revenue of the Club shall consist of the subscriptions of Members, table fees from players at meetings of the Club and such funds as may accrue from other sources.




The Committee shall present audited accounts of the Club to the Annual General Meeting.







Additions and amendments to the Constitution may be made by any General Meeting provided that:





Proposals for additions and/or amendments have been made within the Rules of the Club and have been posted with the Notice convening such a General Meeting.



Proposals are passed by a majority of two thirds of such a General Meeting.







The Committee shall provide the Rules of the Club and shall maintain such Rules subject to their being passed by a simple majority at a General Meeting.






The Club may be wound up by a vote of two thirds of the members attending a General Meeting and, in such event, the assets of the Club shall be disposed of in such manner as the said General Meeting may decide.






The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and members of the general committee shall not be responsible, either individually  or jointly, for any liabilities incurred by " The Club " All members shall be equally responsible for any liabilities incurred during their time of membership.


Alterations, additions or amendments to these regulations and constitution cannot be made except by a resolution at a general meeting.


These regulations and constitution were adopted at the the Annual General Meeting held on 1st of January 2000.











There are two classes of Membership – Ordinary Member and Honorary Member.





Ordinary Member



Ordinary Membership shall be open to any person who expresses a wish to join the Club and who pays the appropriate subscription and fees and has not been banned from playing by the Club or by The Cyprus Bridge Federation.



Honorary Member



Any Ordinary Member may be appointed an Honorary Member for outstanding services to the Club or to the game of bridge, such appointment to be passed by a majority of members at a General Meeting of the Club.






Fees shall consist of a “Membership Subscription” and a “Table Charge” payable whenever the member or guest plays.  Subscriptions cover the calendar year, commencing 1st January and membership shall be effective from the date of payment. Payment of subscriptions may be made from the first available date after 31st December. Members renewing from the previous year must renew by their third visit of the new year or incur the visitor table charge. The levels of the fees are set initially at:-








1.         Full Member                -           Joining Fee      -           €10.00



                                                -           Annual Fee      -           €10.00



2.         Honorary Member       -                       -                         Nil.



Table Charges



1.         Member & Honorary Member                                    €3.00



2.         Visitor                                                                         €5.00



The levels of subscriptions may be changed at a General Meeting of the Club.  The  levels of table charges may be changed by the Committee to reflect changes in costs to the Club.



Payment of Fees


Fees are payable in advance in respect of the period on which they are based.




Guests and Visitors


Guests and visitors are those people wishing to play Bridge at the Paphos Bridge Club.




Acquiescence in Rules


Acceptance of membership implies acquiescence in the rules of the Club and all future amendments to same.






A member who resigns for whatever reason shall not be entitled to any rebate of subscriptions already paid.







Expulsion of Members


Any member who is persistently in breach of the Rules of the Club or whose behaviour is a source of repeated complaint shall, on a decision of the Committee, be given a written warning.  Should the Member disregard the warning and persist in the manner to which exception has been taken, the Committee may expel the Member from the Club and bar the Member from playing in any event organised by the Club.





Any Member wishing to make a complaint or suggestion regarding the management of the Club or of a Member’s conduct should do so in writing to the Committee.  The Committee shall investigate and, if necessary, act upon the complaint or suggestion and inform the Member accordingly.  Complaints about the conduct of a Member should be drawn to the attention of the Director of the event and/or a Member of the Committee immediately.  Any Member dissatisfied with the Committee’s decision may initiate a request for an Extraordinary General Meeting as provided in Rule 12b.




Claims and Liabilities


Responsibility for any liability of the Club or claim upon its effects or property shall cease with the termination of membership by whatever means.






Members shall, at the discretion of the Committee, be held responsible for any damage done to Club property by them or any guest introduced by them.  Visitors may likewise be held responsible and required to pay for any damage done by them.






There shall be no smoking in the playing area.




General Meetings


As required by the Constitution of the Club, a General Meeting shall be held annually and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be convened by the Committee as prescribed below:





Annual General Meeting



A notice of the meeting, agenda and audited copy of the accounts shall be posted not less than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.  Any Other Business will be included on the formal Agenda.  A quorum shall consist of 15 members.  The minutes and decisions of the meeting shall be posted no later than 14 days after the meeting.



Extraordinary General Meeting



An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee.  A written request, signed by at least ten Full Members, for an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be acknowledged by the Committee who will call for such a meeting.  Notice of such a meeting must be posted at least ten days before the date set for such a meeting together with the subject matter(s) for which the meeting has been called.  No other business shall be discussed at such a meeting.  A quorum shall consist of 15 members.  The minutes and decisions of the meeting shall be posted not later than 14 days after the meeting.








Powers and Duties of the Committee





The Committee shall meet as often as is necessary to conduct properly the affairs of the Club.



A quorum for a Committee meeting shall consist of four, except for the consideration of disciplinary matters when it shall be five.


( c)

In the event of a split vote, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.





All expenditure shall be controlled and authorized by the Committee save exceptional items which shall not be incurred without a majority vote at a General Meeting.



The Treasurer, or a deputy designated by the Committee, shall be solely responsible for making payments or giving receipts on behalf of the Club.



The Committee may dispose of the movable property of the Club.



The Committee may dispose of any immovable property with a majority vote at a General Meeting.



The Committee will keep an inventory of movable property belonging to the Club and its certification shall form part of the annual accounts.



The Tournament Director may, with the support of the Committee, exclude any player from playing that session whose participation is considered undesirable.




Alteration of the Rules


No Rule may be altered or deleted or a new Rule introduced save by simple majority at a General Meeting.  Proposals for alteration of the Rules must be provided in accordance with Rule 12 (b).




Rules of Bridge


The Official Laws of Bridge shall be taken as the Rules for the playing of Bridge by the Club.
















  Con. and Rules

            First Issued:                                        November 1987

            Amended at:                                      

            General Meeting                                 November 1988

            Extraordinary G.M.                            November 1992

            General Meeting                                 November 1998 (Club Year)

            General Meeting                                 February 2000 (No Smoking Policy)

            General Meeting                                 February 2004 (Table Fees)

            General Meeting                                 February 2008 (Membership & Fees)

            General Meeting                                 February 2010 (Table Fees & AOB)

            General Meeting                                 February 2013 ( Reporting on meetings)

            General Meeting                                 February 2014 ( Results announcing)

            Reprinted                                            March 2010

            Reprinted                                            April 2012

            General Meeting                                  February 2015 (CBF membership)



Maintain a friendly and courteous attitude at all times.

Refrain from making gratuitous comments during the auction and play.

Refrain from speaking loudly, especially if discussing a hand you have just played.

Only one board at a time should be placed on the table.

When a board is to be played it is placed in the centre of the table until play is completed. However, should all players agree, the board may be placed to one side/corner of the table.

Count your cards face down before looking at your hand.

Decide on your call before touching your bidding cards.

When alerting partner’s call do not offer an explanation unless asked.

Only ask the meaning of a call when it is your turn to call and when the explanation may affect your action.

When making a jump bid, first display the STOP card, and then make the bid.

When making the first lead, place your card face down on the table and ask whether your partner or declarer has any questions about the auction.

Leave the bidding cards on the table until the first lead has been made.

Declarer plays a card from dummy by naming it, and then dummy selects the named card.

Declarer should not touch the dummy unless it is necessary and should first name the card.

After all the cards are played to a trick, declarer or either defender may ask to see them, PROVIDED that he/she has not turned his/her card.

Declarer or defenders may look at their own last played card to determine whose lead it is.

When all tricks have been played, the number of tricks gained by each side should be agreed by all players before any cards are returned to the board.

If any infringement of the rules may have occurred, call the director immediately or reserve your right to do so subsequently.

No food is to be consumed at the bridge table.

Players should remove their used glasses, cups, bottles, etc. from the tables.

All mobile phones must be switched off before play commences.