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MEMBERSHIP fees are now due.

They are unchanged and can be paid electronically online to People's Choice Credit Union.

Membership Fees are:-

Home Members $25

Associate Member $10 (Pensioners $5)

Account details are as follows:-

Account name:- Palmerston Bridge Club

BSB: 805-050


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Club History
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A Brief History

In the Late 1990's there were a number of bridge players in Palmerston but they played in other Clubs in Leanyer.
Les and Betty Mill, who were keen players and teachers of bridge, arrived in Palmerston in 1999 from Dundee Beach.
They played bridge at the two then established clubs where they met Helge Pedersen.

Helge suggested that there was need for a bridge club to be formed in Palmerston.
He had tried previously to set one up there but had been unsuccessful.

Both Les and Betty Mill believed that in order to establish a bridge club it was necessary to teach potential local players the game so that they would then become club members and players.
Lessons were started in the Mill's home in Moulden in mid 2001 with about 6 hopeful would-be players.
Teaching for the first bridge class continued into late 2001.
As the learner numbers grew and interest was shown by local players from other clubs it was decided that the time was ripe to establish a bridge club for Palmerston.

Consequently Betty Mill approached the management of the Palmerston Sports & Social Club at the Hub in the city centre for a suitable venue.
They offered a fine room free of charge for Thursday nights as requested.

Although the Palmerston Sports & Social Club has since gone through many changes it has always provided the Club with a room for bridge for which the Club is eternally grateful.

The inaugural meeting was held on 24 January 2002 at the Hub club room.
The Club's first office bearers were elected at this meeting.
They were:

President: Helge Pedersen

Treasurer: Mary Toner

Secretary: Fay Faulkner

Committee Member: Betty Mill

In addition, Dennis Sutton was appointed Master Point Secretary and Margaret Creber, the first delegate to the NTBA.
The founding members, in addition to the above, were Pam Arkinstall, Fred Boyes, Ray Fry, Felicity Middleton, George Turner and Margaret Trouten.

The Palmerston Bridge Club members continue to play on Thursday evenings at the Hub.

The Club was subsequently incorporated, became a member of the Australian Bridge Federation and at the present time has 25 home club members.

Year President Secretary Treasurer Committee
2005 Helge Pedersen Fay Faulkner Mary Toner Betty Mill
2006 Mike Butler Pam Arkinstall Mary Toner Betty Mill
2007 Mike Butler Pam Arkinstall Mary Toner Betty Mill
2008 Mike Butler Fay Faulkner Carol Birch Jan Kostryka
2009 Mike Butler      
2010 Mike Butler Fay Faulkner Carol Birch Ron Pearse
2011 Mary Toner Fay Faulkner (to 4/4/11)
Sue Duffield (from 9/7/11)
Chris Brooks Ron Pearse
2012 Sue Duffield Felicity Middleton Chris Brooks Chris Driver
2013 Sue Duffield Felicity Middleton Ray Walton Chris Driver
2014 Mary Madden Dimitri Hnaris, Carol Birch Ray Walton,Sandy Raby

Chris Depasquale

  2015        Mary Madden              Carol Birch

  2016        Neil Williams              Anne Brooks.                                      Connie Christrup                      Chris Brooks

  2017.       Neil Williams.             Anne Brooks                                       Connie Christrup                      Chris Brooks


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