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2019 Fund Raising Drive

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Goal:  $ 12000.00

Raised to Date:  $ 5100.00

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Upcoming Local Tournament Schedule

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February 27 & 28 Mid-Winter Non-Life Master Tournament St. Augustine Duplicate Bridge Club
March 15 - 17 Bill McCallon Spring Sectional St. Augustine Duplicate Bridge Club
March 21 - 23 Daytona Beach Spring Fling Sectional Daytona Metropolitan Bridge Club
June 7 - 9 Palm Coast Summer Sectional Palm Coast Duplicate Bridge Club


Club Managers' Weekly Message


Members of the Palm Coast Duplicate Bridge Club:

On a sad note, a long time member and friend of the Palm Coast Duplicate Bridge Club, Bob Cahill,  has passed away.  Although we have not seen Bob & Priscilla at the club for some time, they had been regular, frequent players throughout the years.  We send our best wishes and condolences out to Priscilla, and the rest of the family.

We had a nice STaC week, with several notable finishers at the Unit Level:

   James Rhoden & Terry Wager, 2nd Overall on Monday winning 16.82 masterpoints
   Beth & Duane Huffer, 3rd overall on Tuesday in the 499er section, winning 2.80 masterpoints
   James Rhoden & Sylvia Caviggia, 6th overall on Wednesday winning 5.40 masterpoints

We had many more members who scored points last week.  At the time of the writing of this email, Saturday's results were not completed, so we'll see how we did on Saturday.

This week, we have Charity Club Championship games all week.  Last Saturday, we offered a tossed salad and snacks during our lunch break, which was well-received by our players.  We have decided to continue to offer the same on Saturdays, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  Of course, we always appreciate donations toward our snack fund in whatever amount and at any frequency you are comfortable giving.
Time is running out to check if your contact information is correct for the publication of the new directory.  There is a loose leaf binder at the Director's table.  Find your name (listed alphabetically) and make any necessary corrections, or initial your listing if it is correct as printed.  If you are a paid member and you name is not in the book, please add your information at the end of the book.
Sectional Tournament
We've completed the accounting for the Tournament.  Sylvia is planning to write a report to the members, but we can say that we were very pleased with the net profit we made on this tournament. We'll have a complete report shortly.  Our next sectional takes place on June 7th, 8th, and 9th.  We hope to see a good number of our members and guests attending.

This Week's Game Schedule
Monday: Open  Pairs at 1:00 PM
Tuesday:  Open & 299er Pairs at 1:00 PM
Wednesday:  Open Pairs at 1:00 PM
Thursday:  Open & 499er Pairs as 1:00 PM
Friday:  Open Pairs at 1:00 PM
Saturday: Open Paris at 10:00 AM with a light lunch


This Week's Class Schedule
Monday: 10:00 AM.  Beginning Bridge, Level 1 with Jinty filling in for Patrick
Tuesday:  12:15 PM.  Pre-game class and supervised play at 1:00 PM with Gerry Calabrese
Tuesday:  12: 15 PM.  Pre-game class with Tom Fletcher
Thursday:  10:00 AM.  Beginner Bridge, Level 2 with Jinty Chappell
Thursday: 12:15 PM.  Pre-game class with Mark Cohen
Friday: 10:00 AM.  Intermediate Bridge Class with Rom Fletcher

See you at the club; have a great week. 

Patrick & Jonathon

open pairs
open pairs
open & 499er pairs
open & 99er pairs
open & 299er pairs
open & 99er pairs
open pairs
Mon Feb 25, 2019
open & 99er pairs
1 pm
Tue Feb 26, 2019
open & 299er pairs
1 pm
Wed Feb 27, 2019
open & 99er pairs
1 pm
Thu Feb 28, 2019
open & 499er pairs
1 pm
Fri Mar 1, 2019
open pairs
1 pm
Sat Mar 2, 2019
open pairs
10 am
Mon Mar 4, 2019
open & 99er pairs
1 pm
Class activities

Class schedules:

  • Monday morning at 10 am, Bridge "I" basics for beginning players; covers notrump, major and minor suit opening bids and their respective responses. Introduces some conventions like stayman and transfers. Also, the basics of declarer play and defense are covered. Presenter Kathie Margolin/Patrick Heading, starts Oct 1.
  • Thursday morning at am Bridge "II" for more advanced beginning players; covers competitive bidding, preemptive opening bids, overcalls, takeout and negetive doubles and the law of total tricks. Presenter Jinty Chappell, class is ongoing throughout the year.
  • Friday morning at 10 am Bridge "III" for intermediate players covering additional conventions, more advanced defense and play of the hand with problem hands review to clarify bidding, play and defense. Presenter Tom Fletcvher, class is ongoing throughout the year.

Supervised play schedules

  • Monday afternoon class(12:15) and supervised play (1 pm)  for newer players with Gerry Calabrese, ongoing throughout the year.
  • Wednesday afternoon class (12:15) and supervised play (1 pm) for newer players with Kathie Margolin, cancelled until Janary 

Pregame classes

  • Tuesdays at 12:15
  • Thursdays at 12:15 

One month of free classes are offered to the first time student; chose any or all events and they are free to help encourage your first attempt to "play bridge" at the Palm Coast DBC.

"Two over one" bidding system is presented in all classes.