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Morrie Marsh Trophy
  • Clare and Dorothy
  • Morrie Marsh

There was a terrific turn out on Monday 27th April with sixteen pairs of Associate Members competing for the Morrie Marsh Trophy.  Many congratulations go to Clare Smout and Dorothy Myers for a fantastic win with 68%.  Congratulations also go to the runners up, Kirsten and Iain Wright.

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The Oxford Times Cup
The Oxford Times CupOn Sunday 23rd November 2008, Melinda Jordan (left) and Alison Withers Green won The Oxford Times Cup.
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Oxford Times Cup
Oxford Times Cup

Congratulations to Alice M Kaye and Chris Dawe for winning the Oxford Times Cup.  In second place were Jane Darke and Joanna Donkin who were so close to the top spot.

Go to Latest Result for the full analysis.

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Morrie Marsh Novices Competition
Morrie Marsh Novices Competition

Congratulations to Juliet Johnson and Alasdair MacDonald (shown here receiving their trophy from John Briggs) on winning the Morrie Marsh trophy on Monday 16th April. They came top with a clear lead of almost 10%. Very well done. 

In second place were Fay Mogridge and Nicky Gregg. 

Morrie Marsh taught at Oxford Bridge Club for many years supporting beginners and learners in their early years of playing bridge. The trophy was given to the Club for this novice competition. 

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Morrie Marsh Trophy

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Monday 15th April 2013 at 7pm

Congratulations go to Rosemary Young and Joan Bailes on winning the Morrie Marsh Trophy on Monday 15th April.  They came top with a very good 65%.

In second place were Mary Perryman and Simon Beattie with a terrific score of 60% followed by Matt Wright and Anne Croucher in third with 56%.

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