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Bridge Mate Quick Tips

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Correcting Scores

 When To Do It  - at the End of the Round ,

when only the individual hand Scores come up on the Screen .

How To Do It  - Look on the screen for  "Correct"

Press "correct" , enter the board number , then erase those results ,

Press  -  Back  and / or  OK  Until The Board Number Comes Up Again ,

Enter the correct score , and Press OK

Until You Come to the "End Of The Round" again

Last updated : May 1, 2018 20:41 CDT
More On Bridgemates

To All North Players

When Playing a Howell Movement

You Are Not Finished The Round

  Until You - See "End Of Round"

Then Click "OK"

If we are entering hand records at a Sit Out Table :

When You See   " Enter Hand Records "

Press   "Cancel"   Then   "OK"

To Take You  to the Next Round

Last updated : May 1, 2018 20:29 CDT
Problem Problems

When A Problem Arises

That Can't Be Dealt With At The Time

Or Has To Be Corrected Later

1 - Write It Down - Include All Of The Information

Board Number - Team Numbers - Round Number ( if possible ) - Names etc.

2 - Make Sure - The Person Doing The Scoring Has Been Made Aware of It

And It Has Been Corrected and Entered Correctly

 When Correcting an Error

( Instead of Cancelling Everything )

Use The  "Up"   "Down"  Keys

( Indicated With The Dark Icons at the Bottom of the Screen )

Last updated : Nov 25, 2016 15:12 CST
# 1 - Check the Table Mats

When Playing The Howell Movement

Please  Double-Check the Information

on the Table Mat

And Make Sure You Have the Right

Seating Direction ? ... Boards ? ... Teams ?

Last updated : Nov 25, 2016 15:36 CST
# 4 - Accepting Scores

Before  Pressing The  Accept  Key

Please - Read The Score

If There Is An Error

Press "Cancel" ..... Correct The Error

Then Press  " OK "


Last updated : Nov 25, 2016 15:38 CST
# 6 - Entering Hand Records

Just a Brief Reminder

On Entering Hand Records

Do It Only If There Is Enough Time

 Do It Without Rushing

Don't Re-Shuffle The Hand

Make Sure The Hand is Replaced in the Right Position

While North is Entering His Cards

The Other Player / Players Can

Sort their Hand

Display So North Can Read Them

And In This Order

Spades , Hearts , Diamonds and Clubs

High to Low

( If you are going to help north sort his cards ,

make sure they go back in the right slot )


Last updated : Nov 25, 2016 15:33 CST
# 7 - Irregularities

Please   Write Down Any Irregularities

That Can't Be Dealt With At The Time

So They Are Not Overlooked Later

Last updated : Jul 25, 2016 14:13 CDT