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15th May 2018 11:57 BST
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Welcome to Owen Bridge Club
About Owen
About Owen

Owen Bridge Club  is a small, friendly duplicate club meeting each Tuesday at The Scout Hall, Loughton Way, Theydon Bois. 1.15 for a 1.30 start. We usually have 8 to 10 tables. Visitors are welcome, subject to a limit of 12 tables. We do not have a host system so visitors need to come with a partner. Annual membership is £65 and visitors pay £2 per session including tea and biscuits.


If your name is misspelt on the results, please tell the scorer so that it can be corrected otherwise you could be treated as two different people and this can affect your average.

If you want to check your score when the results are posted, you need to keep two scorecards, hand one in and take the other home. Ideally, it should not be necessary to hand one in but the scorers find it useful when there appear to be errors on tbe travellers.

For a brief review of 2017, please see the News page.

The results for 1 May have been revised because the original scores did not take account of some of the arrow switches and two pairs were given the wrong number.











Director: David Bird
Scorer: Mary Marshall
Director: Harry Musaphia
Scorer: Harry Musaphia
Director: Harry Musaphia
Scorer: Harry Musaphia