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Orton Bridge Club
Orton Bridge Club

Orton is a friendly Bridge Club based in the Orton Wistow Community Centre to the west side of Peterborough, easily accessible from the A1 and A605. We play twice a week on Monday and Friday evenings, asking players to arrive by 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start. We finish play by about 10:30pm.


The cost of play is £2 per person for members and £2.50 for guests. Membership is £10 per annum and our year starts on 1st July. Table money includes coffee/tea and biscuits during a 15 minute break part way through the evening.


Guests are welcome to play but please contact Jane, Chairman, on 01487 832328 before coming particularly if you wish to attend without a member of the club.


Members and guests are expected to play in accordance with the code of conduct of the EBU.

Our Club Premises
Our Club Premises

Our club meets at Orton Wistow Community Centre in Napier Place, Orton Wistow, Peterborough, PE2 6XN.

The club phone number is 07903115559 (but only on the Monday and Friday club nights) 

Orton Bridge Club plays at level 4.
English Bridge Education and Development - Newsletter November 2014
What has EBED done in the first six months?

A huge amount of work has been going on behind the scenes, of which some highlights are:

• We have developed the persuasive and informative 'Case for supporting EBED' document and we are talking to a number of potential funders (mainly charitable trusts).  We hope they will offer support for our new strategic projects as well as working with us to invest in our ongoing commitment towards excellence in bridge education across all age groups.  If you know of individuals who you believe would be interested in knowing more about our aims and objectives, and who might be interested in helping us financially, please let us know.

• The volunteer Trustees have decided to focus our resources upon three new and significant initiatives based around each of our strategic areas. These initiatives are:

♥ A project, starting with a regional pilot, to roll out schools co-ordinators, thus replicating and building on the work successfully undertaken in Oxfordshire, Bucks & Berks, Yorkshire, and elsewhere in introducing bridge to children.

♣ The development of an accelerated learning program which will enable motivated students to learn the game sufficiently to be playing in duplicates within 10 weeks.

♦ A study of existing research into the value of bridge, and other mind sports, in maintaining the quality of life among people over the age of 60 (e.g. improved cognitive function; social inclusion).

• The flagship Junior Teach-in, was held in Loughborough over the August Bank Holiday weekend. It was a well-run event, with the number of participants increasing for the first time since 2011. See here for some of the feedback we received.

• Our first highly successful Sims event was held in September, raising £15,000 for the charity.

• Our website has been designed and is now fully user-ready with much new material and other relevant material transferred and updated from the EBU website.

• The Bridge for All teaching program continues to grow, with revised and improved 2014 editions of our course books now available.

• We continue to provide a record number of Club Tournament Directors courses across the country with new venues and a strong 2015 program already taking shape.

How you can help
Take part
One of the best ways you can help the charity is by supporting the events which it organises. Well supported events are crucial to instilling interest and enthusiasm amongst the attendees who are new to bridge. Likewise, if the event is for existing players then your involvement helps the events to thrive and remain financially viable.

Spread the word
Help us to inform people of upcoming events by spreading the word amongst family, friends and at your club. Your social circles will extend beyond the reach of EBED and it is only by telling people outside the usual 'bridge circles' about the events that we can bring new interest to the game.

With very limited 'people resources', we are now looking for additional enthusiastic volunteers who could help our Manager, Simon Barb, to research, promote, persuade and bring these events the success they both richly merit and need for our future growth.

Please email Simon at if you feel that you would like to help the team or could find someone ready for the challenge.

You can help fund the work of the charity by making a donation. Please visit or contact finance manager Gail Nancarrow by email or on 01296 317210.

We are also able to provide information on legacies and gifts in kind.

If you know of a possible source of funding please contact Simon with your suggestion
What is EBED and why was it established?

English Bridge Education and Development is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). A CIO is a special type of organisation which serves the public interest, and in the case of EBED our purpose lies entirely in the promotion of education and the advancement of health through duplicate bridge.

As a CIO, EBED enjoys a number of financial advantages over a normal limited company, in particular as relates to taxation and the application of Gift Aid. Additionally, charitable status qualifies EBED to apply for certain grants. EBED generates its income through services, grants, donations and bequests, and also through the provision of bridge education-related goods.

EBED’s establishment as a CIO is the most efficient structure for generating, applying and focussing funds in the pursuit of promoting and developing duplicate bridge for the public benefit.  

What are the 'problems' EBED hopes to tackle?
The game faces two major challenges:

Whilst many clubs are doing well, others face dwindling table numbers. If these clubs disappear, there is a danger that parts of the country will be without clubs. Without geographical coverage, this will eventually impact on bridge’s roots and widespread 'availability' - currently one of its core strengths. There is an urgent need therefore to find a way to boost player numbers within an accelerated timeframe.

• For many years there has been a declining youth bridge community. This affects the game profoundly. Young people are often overtly passionate about the things they love – this strength of feeling is infectious and for many of us will bring a new enthusiasm to the game. Similarly bridge will be more attractive to adults of all ages if they are playing alongside people younger than themselves. We therefore need to reverse the decline in young player recruitment. These young people will have an impact on the numbers playing the game, and may form the bedrock of the game in 30+ years’ time, but will also have an immediate impact on the image and appeal of the game to a large section of our adult audience.

The competition faced by bridge is not limited to the world of mindsports, but includes an array of other activities. Bridge has huge strengths and the potential undoubtedly exists to transform the game - but it will be neither easy, nor without cost, to prevail against the well-funded challengers. Other activities, however, such as cricket and darts, have undergone renaissances in recent years, and this should provide encouragement that a bright future awaits, if we rise to meet the challenge.
Upcoming events

We are holding a number of important events over the next 6 months, where we are determined to significantly boost numbers relative to recent years, and, as appropriate, enhance and improve the events themselves. These include:

Education Simultaneous Pairs (March) – designed to give learners from our Bridge for All program a first taste of competing across a big field and seeing their names on the webpages. We are also featuring a Minibridge section for school learners.

Young Bridge Challenge (Saturday, 28th February) – a wonderful opportunity for all school-age youngsters to play in a free Swiss-teams event held at Loughborough Grammar School.

Under-19 Pairs (Saturday 4th April) - an exciting testing ground for juniors seeking to pit their wits against others their own age and perhaps catch the eyes of our international squad selectors for mentoring, to take part in a training camp, or to play for the national side. This event is held in London as part of the London Easter Festival.

For more information on any of the events please contact us.

English Bridge Education and Development, 01296 317218, 
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Fri 19th December 2014
Xmas Party (Donations for both prizes & food please)
18:30 for 19:00
Mon 22nd December 2014
Normal Pairs
18:45 for 19:00
Fri 26th December 2014
18:45 for 19:00
Mon 15th December 2014
Teams 4
Director: Tony Ross
Scorer: Bob Parr
Fri 12th December 2014
Orton Trophy 6
Director: Jane Swannell
Scorer: Bob Parr
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