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Orpington Bridge Club - Guide on Etiquette & Laws

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The director’s ambition is to ensure that, as far as the cards allow, everyone has a good time. This means keeping good time. While some hands will be harder than others, 22 minutes a three-board round is usually more than enough. To assist the slower players, please save time by:
  • One, or preferably both, of each pair arriving by 7:25 so we can tell the Bridgemates the movement and record player names before a 7:30 start;
  • Deferring discussions of the hands until all boards of the set are played;
  • Returning cards to the board as soon as the outcome is agreed so the director can move them while the result is being captured and inspected;
  • Moving promptly when the director calls the move, even if your destination table is finishing a hand;
  • Making the opening lead before putting away the bidding cards or writing anything on your personal scorecard;
  • Spreading dummy before putting away the bidding cards or writing anything on your personal scorecard;
  • Considering delegating the Bridgemate to dummy, who, having spread his hand, has nothing better to do;
  • Most of all, keeping an eye on the clock and geeing your table if necessary.
The results available on the night and initially uploaded are provisional. Under Law 9 (see White Book 8.9.1), the scorer may correct a result which is evidently false, typically this will be when a contract has been awarded to the wrong pair as confirmed by the other results, the opening lead and the hand records. Other reasons are when a board has been withdrawn from one table or when both pairs later agree that the result was different from what they keyed and checked at the table.