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Past President: Janice Upenieks

President: Arthur Berdusco

Vice President: Shannon Berdusco

Treasurer: Elaine Proudfoot

Secretary: Jan Cooke

Membership: Irene Smith

Club Manager: Tim Jackson

Chief Games Director: Jane Foster

Web Master: Bill Belfour

Social Co ordinator: Jean Belfour

Member at Large: Jim Coote





Therese Lessons

Beginner and Basic Bridge Refresher Coaching/Lessons available on an hourly basis for a minimum of two people by appointment.

Call Therese Campbell at 705-259-5666

Hand of the week

South to make 6 ♠

West provides you with a rare opportunity for a rough and a sluff on the Opening Lead  of K . Do you take it?? If not, how so you make 6?????

If you think you have the answer send it to the Puzzle Master to enter a draw for a free game

The winner is Andrew Brown for submitting the following solution:

Trick 1: Trump in dummy with 3 and discard spade 2 from your hand
Trick 2: Lead spade 4 through East and capture whatever he plays with the least expensive trump.
Trick 3: Cash diamond A and play low diamond from dummy
Trick 4: Cash diamond K and play low diamond from dummy
Trick 5: Cash club A and play low from dummy
Trick 6: Play low club forcing W to win with K
Trick 7: W must lead a heart; trump it in dummy with the 6 and discard the spade 5 from your hand
Trick 8: Cash diamond 10 discarding club from your hand
Tricks 9-13: Lead another diamond from dummy (if E trumps it you over-trump with the least expensive card and then draw E remaining two spades with your good spades and cash your remaining good clubs, making 6 spades, if E discards a heart then you discard a club and continue leading diamonds and discarding a club from your hand until E trumps one [E can only discard hearts twice before being left with nothing but trump] which you over-trump and then pull E remaining trump with your boss trumps, making 6 spades)
That was a tough one!

A tall tale or a real deal - Can you make this contract?

The bidding may not suit your liking ...but can you make this contract on the lead of the club 5??

If you think you have the answer send it to the Puzzle Master .

The first right answer will receive a Free Game at the Club!!

ANSWER: Win the ♣A, then play three rounds of Spades (A,K,Q). Return to hand with the A,  pull last trump with the ♠J and cash the K and Q.

Now, lead the 10 to the J (if west covers with the Q play the K)

the key play, lead a heart and discard the A.

West wins the J but is endplayed!! No choice but to put you back in dummy (with a diamond)so you can discard the clubs on the remaining diamond and heart winners!!!!!!