Friday Afternoon Pairs

From October Friday afternoon duplicate pairs will be EVERY week starting at 1.30pm. All very welcome.

Cow and Calf In Ilkley

Duplicate Taster Sessions

On Monday afternoons from 2pm to 4.30pm with a host. Designed to help social bridge players and not for absolute beginners (who we suggest join one of our teaching classes). Cost £3.50 per person and lots of assistance given if needed.

Teams Workshop

 Each Thursday morning a group meets and looks at ways of improving bidding, play and defence from selected hands. This group is suitable for all members who wish to improve but particularly those keen on playing in the Yorkshire teams league. Since this Workshop began just over £12,500 from attendees donations have gone to the Haematology Trust Fund at the local Airedale Hospital. 

Results Analysis

The latest version of Bridgewebs features an enhanced results analysis and easier access to the Play it Again feature. Once you are on any set of results click on the graph icon (on right of printer icon) to access this.

Committee Minutes

The latest committee minutes and updated telephone list are now in the Members Only section along with archived minutes too.

Welcome to Olicana Bridge Club
Men's Pairs

Our Men's Pairs for the Olicana Cup took place on Monday 17th September. Congratulations to the clear winners Mark Stead & Stephen Pollard with Ian Jane & Peter Speller in second place.

Yorkshire League

We are running five teams in the Yorkshire League again this season. Each team plays seven 32 board Matches from October to March on specified Sunday afternoons with four pairs making up a team for each match. A light tea is included for each match. All club members are welcome to play. Our teams are in Divisions 2, 3, 6, 7 and 10 so cater for a range of experience. Please let our Club Captain Carole Kelly know if you would like to play in the Yorkshire League this season.

25th September 2018
26th September 2018
Morning Duplicate Pairs
26th September 2018
Duplicate Pairs
27th September 2018
IMPS Ladder 18
Afternoon Duplicate Pairs
Director: Christina
Scorer: David
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Mike
Scorer: Ian
Afternoon Duplicate Pairs
Director: David Gu
Scorer: Lindsey
Stepping Stones
Director: Pat
Scorer: Hugh
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Alastair
Scorer: Anthony