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American Contract Bridge League Helpful Documents

A wealth of infomation including but not limited to Handbooks/Manuals, Conventional Wisdom (Filling out your Convention Card), Commonly Used Conventions etc.

Last updated : 20th Jun 2017 10:40 PDT
All You Need to Know About Convention Cards

ACBL Convention Card
Whether you prefer a simple approach or a system with lots of bells and whistles, this is the card for you. 

“Fat Free” Convention Card
This card provides a slightly less advanced approach than the Standard American Yellow Card. The card is excellent for Intermediate/Newcomers and new partnerships. 

Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC)
This card provides a simple, modern system. It is used in Standard Yellow Card events and often by new or first-time partnerships.

Basic 2 over 1 Convention Card
From Larry Cohen’s Conventional Wisdom Lite series featured in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin.

Last updated : 20th Jun 2017 10:39 PDT
Rulings Frequently Asked Questions

Opening 1NT with a Singleton, Changing a Called Card from Dummy, Major Suit Raises etc.

Last updated : 20th Jun 2017 10:39 PDT