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Please note that there is no game on Sunday, Christmas Eve, but there is a game on New Year's Eve - and with wine and cheese!

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Timm's Bridge Bits
Two-Over-One-Game Force System - 5th Edition (2016)
Precision Simplified - 2nd Edition (2011)
Hand Evaluation
Hand Evaluation Using Zar Points
When is it best to Bid, Pass or Double?
The Nebulous Two Club Convention
Doubles, Doubles, and Doubles
Finding the Queen using Vacant Places
2/1 Convention Card Agreements
Convention Card - Carding Agreements
More on Carding
Montreal Relay Bids
Mexican Two Diamond Convention
Lisa Bidding Convention
Can You Open 1NT with a Singleton -YES
All About Alerts in Duplicate Bridge
An Analysis of Strong NT, Rule of 20 and 15 Hands
Gambling 3NT Bid
Five-Card Major Suit Stayman
Winning Bridge Leads
Law of Total Tricks
Bridge Rules
Interfering Over Notrump
Defending Against the Precision Club
How to Compete over the Forcing 1NT Bid
Simple Lebensohl
Weak Notrump
Notrump Natural or Take-out?
The Mini-Roman and Flannery Conventions
Kaplan Interchange/Inversion Bid
Jammer Two-Diamond Convention
Modified Smolen
Opening and Responding to 2 Clubs
Sandwich Notrump with Hess Cue Bids
Rosenkrantz, Responsive, and Snapdragon Doubles
Bidding Over Interference Without a Fit
Ruben Advances
Game Try Bids "Tell or Ask"
3344 Convention and Spiral Raises
New Minor Forcing
X-Y-Z Convention
"Bergen" Raises - An Overview
Stayman with Smolen, and Crawling and Extended Stayman
Jump Reverse Bids
Jacoby 2NT and Splinters
Roman Keycard Blackwood 1430
Jacoby Roman Keycard Blackwood 1430
A Modern Splinter Bidding Convention
4015 6-pac Roman Keycard Blackwood
Weak Roman Keycard Blackwood
Picture Bids
Bidding Over and Responding to 3/4/5 Level Preempts
OGUST and Modified OGUST
Baby Blackwood
Cue Bidding
Fit Showing Bids Over Strong 1NT Bids
Inverted Minors
Offense to Defense Ratio (ODR)
The Walsh Club Convention
Spiral Scan Bids after Jacoby 2NT