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Your Board of Directors recently had a vote on whether or not to turn on the bridgemates to show the results after each board. The result was to keep them the same. I came across this note in the Sunshine Bridge News about keeping the game moving and not discussing the hands where others can hear the discussion. This person said "I do not think that the bridgemates should show all the results. People tend to read them aloud and it gives other players a heads up on the board".

Sounds logical to me and I now will agree with the negative vote. I was going to publish a survey for all you players to give us your opinion, but now I am hesitant to do so. Do you want a survey?

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Watch What You WIsh For!

When I told that genie in the bottle that I wanted to get bigger hands, this isn't exactly what I meant.



This is way beyond some of us, but if you are thinking about using a particular convention that you found online or in a book, you might want to check the chart to see if you can use it at the club or only in tournaments - or not at all.

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