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Meltzer Competition

Oxford Bridge Club's rubber bridge knockout tournament is played over the 2017-2018 season, and due to be completed by 30 May 2018. The winners receive the Meltzer Trophy. 


Please arrange matches between yourselves and arrange to play them by the dates shown in the draw. You can play matches as soon as you know who your opponents are - it isn't necessary to wait until the previous round is finished.

If you wish to play matches on OBC premises, please contact the Diary Secretary on to book a room. You can check to see if a room is free via the room bookings calendar, though it is possible that there will still be space in the Mary Good room even when the club is in full use.

Rubber bridge supplies are kept on the top shelf of the left-hand cupboard in the Mary Good room. Please let the Tournament Secretary on know the results of your match as soon as possible, so that the draw can be kept up to date.   

The entry fee is £5.00 per pair. We would appreciate it if you paid this as soon as possible. 

Competition Rules

These are the rules for the competition (extracted from the Competition Bylaws)


OBC Rubber Bridge Knockout Competition


This competition shall determine the Club Rubber Bridge Champions for the year and the winners of the Meltzer Trophy


Pairs of Full Members of OBC.


Agreed by the competing pairs, within a timescale set by the Tournament Secretary before the end of September. Pairs should make every effort to arrange a suitable date; it is not permissible to offer only daytime weekdays unless agreeable to both parties: i.e. players should recognise that participants may work and require a match during the evening or weekend. In the case of failure to agree a date, the Tournament Secretary shall arbitrate, awarding the match to the pair deemed not at fault. Late matches may incur a carry-forward penalty of minus 300 points for the offending pair.


Each match will be 30 boards or 6 rubbers, whichever is the shorter.

Entry fee

£5 per pair, to be paid before playing the first round. Players may use the OBC premises free of charge to play their matches


A draw shall be made to determine the order of play. The Chief Tournament Director or Tournament Secretary shall furnish all pairs with details of the draw and closing dates for each round at least four weeks before the date by which the first round is due to be complete. Where the number of teams entering is not 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc., byes shall be introduced in the first round only. Byes shall be spread through the draw; as far as possible, the same number in each half, each quarter, each eighth, etc.


The event shall be a knockout competition with rubber bridge scoring


Level 4 conventions may be played


Not relevant