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Oxford Bridge Club Events
Competitions and Special Events

Competitions and special events run by Oxford Bridge Club, plus Oxfordshire Bridge Association events taking place on the club premises. For the full calendar of special events held at Oxford Bridge Club click here.

For details of other events being held in the vicinity of Oxford click here.

Rubber Bridge Competition - the Meltzer

The club's rubber bridge knock-out competition is played between September and May every year. The winners receive the Meltzer Trophy. 

For details of the 2018-2019 competition see this page

Swiss Teams Competition 2018

Oxford Bridge Club's Swiss Teams competition takes place over two evenings - normally the first Wednesdays of November and December. The winning team receives the Eve Stockwell Bowl.  Round 1 took place on 7 November and Round 2 on 5 December 2018. Unfortunately there was a mix-up with the scoring and the boards, and we were unable to salvage results for 5 December. Round 2 is now rescheduled to take place on Wednesday 6 February.  

Teams may consist of between 4 and 6 members. Teams of four will compete on each evening. The same 4 members need not be identical on both evenings but no more than 6 players may be used altogether. If any player plays in more than one team, neither team may qualify for the competition trophy. Teams that include non-members may play without standing. 

Teams who didn't play in Round 1 are very welcome to play in Round 2, although they won't be eligible to win the competition trophy. 

Individual Competition 2019

This is a fun event where players enter as individuals and play with a different person each round. Players of all abilities are welcome to take part, though this event is limited to OBC members only.

We will play between 30 and 40 boards, with a break at half time for tea and refreshments. Play finishes at about 6.00 to 6.30 pm.

Everyone plays the same basic ACOL system – a convention card will be provided for you to follow.

The winner will be the club’s Individual Champion for 2018-2019, and will be awarded the Thompson Trophy at the AGM.

Bookings are being taken online via Bookwhen. We are making 16 places available initially, which is four full tables. However, don’t be put off entering if you see that the event is marked as full! Please add your name to the waiting list, and once this reaches four, another full table will be made up and your entry will be confirmed. There is no upper limit to the number of tables.

Entry fee £9.00 to include tea and refreshments.

Mixed Pairs Competition 2019

The club's Mixed Pairs Competition will take place on Thursday 21 February, at 7.15pm. The winners will receive the Winnie Ling Trophy. This event is always held on a date that is as close as possible to the the date of Winnie's birthday, which was on 22 February. 

This event will be played as a Howell movement if possible, so that all pairs play all other pairs.

Entry in advance is not required - just turn up on the night.  Standard table money. 

Teams of Four Competition for the Rose Bowl 2019

The club's teams of four competition for the Rose Bowl will be held on Sunday 3 March, starting at 2 pm.  

There is no qualifying round for this event this year. Up to eight teams may play, and entries will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. All team members must be club members. 

The Rose Bowl competition is one of the club's premier events, and is blue-pointed. 

Queries to the Tournament Secretary

Please contact the Team Mates Secretary if you need help in finding team mates.  

Entry fee £9.00 per person, to include tea/coffee and refreshments. 

Pairs Competition for the Beck Salver 2019

The club's Pairs Championship Competition for the Beck Salver will take place on Sunday 31 March, starting at 2pm. 

This is one of the club premier events, attracting Blue Points, and is played over 36-40 boards. 

Entries can be made via the online entry form when it becomes available, or by contacting the Tournament Secretary 

Deadline for entries is Friday 29 March. 

Entry fee: £9.00 (includes tea/coffee and refreshments).  

OBC Novice Pairs Competition 2019

The club's Novice Pairs competition for the Morrie Marsh Trophy will take place on Monday 20 May, at 7.15pm. 

This competition is restricted to 'Novice Pairs' who are full members of Oxford Bridge Club. Pairs who are not eligible to win the competition are welcome to play in the session but they cannot win the Trophy.

For the purposes of this competition a ‘Novice Pair’ is a partnership in which both players

  • Either have fewer than 200 Masterpoints (below Club Master) and have not previously won this or any other club trophy, excluding the Roger Hughes Trophy.
  • Or are currently following a Bridge for All Year 1 or Year 2 course run by Oxford Bridge School.

Players with previous experience of playing duplicate bridge who have returned to the game after a long gap, and those holding a significant number of masterpoints from a non-EBU organisation, are not considered Novices for this event. 

The Novice pair with the highest score will win the Trophy. The Trustees reserve the right to review the status of all competing players. To that end, the winners will not be announced on the night.