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Welcome to Oakingham Bridge Club
Christmas 2018
Christmas 2018
The AGM & Christmas buffet is on Friday 14 December.
This is for members only.
  • The AGM will start at 12:50 am at our usual venue.
  • The Christmas buffet will follow the AGM.  Expected start time is 13:15 unless the AGM takes longer than anticipated.  As in previous years, please bring a plate of savoury or sweet food suitable for a buffet.  The club will provide drinks.
  • A normal Bridge session will follow the buffet.  Expected start time is approx 14:00, providing the AGM keeps to schedule. There will be no charge and the Bridge results will not be subitted to the EBU and they will not count towards any of the club's competitions.

Christmas season Bridge sessions are as follows:
  • 14 December is the Christmas party for members only.
  • We are closed on 26, 28 December.
  • We open again on 2 January.
Web Site
Web Site

Welcome to the Oakingham Bridge Club site.

We play duplicate bridge at the Pinewood Centre, situated between Bracknell, Camberley, Crowthorne and Wokingham on Wednesday and Friday afternoons starting @ 13.15.  (But see the "New Start Time" announcement below).  We request everyone to be there by 13.05.  Visitors are most welcome.  If you need a partner please contact Iris Lovell on 0118 978 4110 or 0771 373 1160.

If you require any more information, please contact the Chairman, Vicki Southern on 0118 9735637 or the Secretary, Keith Greig on 07500 833657.

Late Arrival

If you are likely to arrive after 13.05, please advise Iris Lovell on 0771 373 1160 if at all possible. This will aid the Director in creating the correct movement and reserving a place for you.

Members - Change of details

If you want to change any of your membership details (eg email address), please contact the Membership Secretary (see the Information/Committee page).

New Start Time
New Start Time

From 14 November we will be starting play earlier and are asking that you be seated & ready at 1:00 pm.  We will not be able to accommodate any late arrivals as that will adversely affect all other players.  If you are unavoidably held up on your way and will therefore arrive slightly late, and are able to safely phone, please call Iris on 0771 373 1160 and we will try to accommodate you. The doors will open at 12:50, but please don't arrive before 12:50 am unless you are willing to help set up the room.

AGM & Christmas Buffet
Director: Peter Wilde
Scorer: Martin Ellis
Director: Les Anthony
Scorer: Keith Sheppard
Director: Steve Barrow
Scorer: John Moor
19th Dec 2018
Pinewood 13.00
21st Dec 2018
Pinewood 13.00
26th Dec 2018