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Nat. & International Events
Notable performances by North Wales players

Cambria Cup: Paddy Murphy, Chris Pope, David Stevenson, Liz Commins
Lady Milne Trophy - Wales NPC Barry L. Jones
Lady Milne Trophy - WBU Sheila Shea, Beth Wennell

Welsh Cup: Simon Edwards, Paddy Murphy, Chris Pope, Andrew Prothero, Alan Stephenson, Stu Matthews
Ladies Welsh Cup: Sheila Shea, Margaret Barnes, Andrea Knox & Sarah Amos

Camrose - Team 1st weekend - WBU, Bob Pitts & Barry Jones

Camrose - Npc 2nd Weekend - WBU Barry Jones

Teams of Eight: Llandudno, Mike Clare, Morag Clare, Beth Wennell, Barry Wennell, Sheila Shea, Wyn Williams, Andrea Knox, Edward Jones.

Philip Angel Cup: Sheila Shea, Wyn Williams, Beth Wennell, Barry Wennell.
Mixed Pairs: Joan Marray and Paul Roberts 

Cambria Cup: Liz Commins, Paddy Murphy, Barry Jones, David Stevenson, Liz Commins.
Philip Angel Cup: David Stevenson, Liz Commins, Simon Edwards, Chris Pope
Presidents Cup: Angela Maynor, John Arundel, Edward Jones, Andrea Knox, Julie Smart, Alice Smart, Bryan Clarkson (npc.)

Spickett Bowl: North Wales: Sheila Shea, Jean Hand, Sarah Amos, Jill Knight, Margaret Barnes, Andrea Martin, Wyn Williams (npc.)
Portland Pairs (Colwyn Bay Heat): Sheila Shea, Wyn Williams.
Autumn Simultaneous Pairs: Monday: Bob Pitts, Barry Jones (Wrexham)
John Hockey Trophy: Paddy Murphy

Teams of Eight: Llandudno: Andrea Martin, Richard Stedman, Margaret Barnes, Beth Wennell, Barry Wennell, Wyn Williams, Michael Clare, Sheila Shea

Ladies Welsh Cup: Sheila Shea, Beth Wennell, Andrea Martin and Margaret Barnes
Portland Pairs (Wales): Joan Marray & Julian Merrill
St David’s Day Simultaneous: 3rd March: Gareth Jones & Iorwerth Davies (Criccieth)

Graded Masters (S1): Brian Crawford, Frank McAleavy
Graded Masters (S2): Beth Wennell, Barry Wennell
Portland Pairs (Wales): Sheila Shea, Wyn WilliamsNAtion
Simultaneous Pairs:   
7th September: Paddy Murphy, Beth Wennell (Llandudno)
8th September: Olwen Brown, Pam Edwards (Mold)
2nd March: Barry Jones & Kevin Jones (Wrexham Park View)

Webber Cup: Barry Jones, Kevin Jones, Paddy Murphy, Bryan Edwards
WBU Sims (Monday): Liz Commins & Sheila Shea (at Llandudno & District BC)

Spickett Bowl: Liz Commins, Sheila Shea, Jill Knight, Joan Marray, Margaret Barnes, Beth Wennell, Peter Garner-Gray (npc.)
Mens Pairs: Peter Hand, Bryan Edwards.

Veterans Pairs: Michael Clare and Mike Amos.

Portland Pairs (Wales): Barry Jones (with Shirley Webester)

Cambria Cup: Diane Knight, Peter Nickson, Frank McAleavy, Brian Crawford.
Mens Teams: Simon Edwards (with F. Kurbalija, T. Rees, T. Ratcliff)
Spickett Bowl: Jill Knight, Joan Marray, Andrea Martin, Sheila Shea, Krista Stevenson, Pam Edwards.

2003-04 : none
Welsh Cup: Simon Edwards, Paddy Murphy, Chris Pope, Andrew Prothero, Peter Garner-Gray, David Stevenson.
Cambria Cup: Simon Edwards, Paddy Murphy, Chris Pope, Pam Edwards.
Portland Pairs (North): Sheila Shea, Paddy Murphy.

Open Pairs: Simon Edwards, Chris Pope 
Perry Shield: Simon Edwards, Paddy Murphy, Peter Hand, Jean Hand, Brian Edwards, Barry Jones, Mike Clare (npc.) 
Spickett Bowl: Jill Knight, Joan Marray, Andrea Martin, Sheila Shea, Krista Stevenson, Pam Edwards, Peter Garner-Gray (npc.)
WBU Sim (2000): Andrea Martin, David Evans. 

Spickett Bowl: Pam Edwards, Jill Knight, Andrea Martin, Sheila Pike, Sheila Shea, Krista Stevenson. 
WBU Sim (2000): Bryan Edwards, Elaine Gracie.

Mens Pairs: Bryan Edwards, Kevin Jones.
Graded Masters (S-1): Simon Edwards (with T. Towers)
Thomas James Cup: Margaret Banks, Brian Schofield 

Graded Masters (S-3): Bryan Edwards, Elaine Gracie
Veterans Pairs: Sheila Shea, Margaret Banks

Mixed Pairs: Simon Edwards, Pam Edwards.
Portland Pairs (North): Margaret Banks, Mike Clare.

Teams of 8: Prestatyn/Llandudno: Warwick Horspool, B. Schofield, Paddy Murphy, Kevin Horsburgh, David Evans, Margaret Banks, Mike Clare, Anthony Waller.

Mens Pairs: Simon Edwards, Chris Pope.
Teams of 8: Shotton
Portland Pairs (North): Simon Murray-Williams, Mollie Evans.

Mixed Pairs: Simon Edwards, Pam Edwards.
Teams of 8: Shotton: Peter Hand, Jean Hand, John Herbert, Dawn Herbert, Krista Stephenson, Pam Edwards, Peter Garner-Gray, J Peach.

Ladies Welsh Teams: J. Newton, J. Newton, J Spence, D. Evans.
Ladies Pairs: Jill Knight, Rhona Morgan-Edwards

Ladies Welsh teams     J. Newton, J. Newton, J Spence, D. Evans.
Ladies Pairs    Jill Knight, Rhona Morgan-Edwards

Ladies Welsh Teams: J. Newton, J. Newton, J Spence, D. Evans.
Teams of 8: Shotton: R Graham, P. Garner-Gray, A. Stephenson, S. Matthews, S. Edwards, P. Edwards, P. Hand, J. Hand, K. Stephenson.  

Lady Milne: Jessie Newton, Jean Newton (with teammates Ann Hirst, Diane Kurbalija, Jill Casey, Maggie Pierce),        John Poole (npc.)