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Feel the Force
Feel the Force


If as declarer you have to ruff losers with high trumps, this can possibly put your contract in jeopardy but how about when declarer does it for himself?

Look at this deal from the 2016 green-pointed Swiss pairs event held in Northop. East opened one diamond and West responded one heart. A club overcall from North did nothing to prevent East’s leap to the heart game. North led a top club and declarer had a problem. In pairs events it can sometimes be sensible to limit your undertricks but here declarer went for a genuine make. The first club was ruffed and the trump ten played from dummy. North won and continued with a small club. Declarer accepted the force by ruffing again, crossing to hand with a top spade and ruffing another club with dummy’s last trump. Now two top diamonds enabled the final club to be thrown from hand and a diamond was ruffed by West. North could over-ruff and play a fifth round of clubs, but the only trick South could make was the nine of trumps. Declarer did not need to guess the spade position as South had been squeezed in spades and diamonds by the repeated play of the club suit.

Declarer’s reward was huge – 40 matchpoints out of 42.