Spade Heart Nowra Bridge Club Diamond Club

A mobile telephone for the club has been purchased. 

CALL 0472 726 563.


The holder of the phone will also try very hard to find you a partner (given enough time) for a game. 

Please use this number if you need to contact a director or the club room. 

What's coming up ...
Mon 25 Jun Winter Swiss Pairs
Sun 1 Jul Social Sunday
Mon 2 Jul Winter Swiss Pairs
Tues 10 Jul Teams
Tues 7 Aug Swiss Pairs Red MPs
Mon 20 Aug Red MPs
Fri 24 Aug Red MPs
Tues 5 Sep Teams
Dave's Lessons

Click on links below to open relevant notes up in separate tabs or windows (Please note that if you are using a tablet or smartphone, these may appear in your Files or Downloads and not in a separate tab in the browser):


Defence for Intermediates 2017 Part I

Defence for Intermediates 2017 Part II


1. Types of Trump Hands

2. Finesses and Percentage Play

3a. Declarer - Holdup play

3b. Declarer - Counting

4a. Defence against NT

4b. Defence against Trumps

5. Advanced Declarer Play