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Nowra Bridge Club

Club fees are now due - $25 for home members and $20 for non home members. Please pay Raj as soon as you can.

Also note the AGM will be held after bridge on Monday 19th February

What's coming up ...
Mon 29 Jan Red MPs
Tue 6 Feb Swiss Pairs
Mon 19 Feb AGM after bridge
Fri 2 Mar Red MPs
Mon 5 Mar Autumn Pairs
Tue 6 Mar Teams
Mon 12 Mar Autumn Pairs
Fri 16 Mar Autumn Pairs
Fri 23 Mar Autumn Pairs
Looking for a partner?

Call Dorothy Fry on 4446-0906

How To Play It Again

Did you know that you can play a hand again yourself from the website?

When you look at the results on the website, you will see a new button underneath the displayed hands, called "Play It Again".  Click on that:


A window will pop up asking you to choose which viewer you want. 


You can choose to play the hand from Bridge Solver Online, or download the hand onto your computer and play it from your own bridge software.  This is explained below ...

Option 1.  To use Bridge Solver Online

Click on BS Online.  You will then see the hand displayed

You then click on the contract in the Contracts table at the bottom right, and then click on Play.  For example click on 7NT by East. 

The lead will be made as played, and away you go, selecting cards from each hand.  You can get detailed help at any time by clicking on the Help button, and remember local help is only a phone call away, call Chris Huddle.

Option 2.  To play the hand again from your computer software, eg Bridge Baron, Jack, RoboBridge.

(This sounds a bit long-winded but it is really easy once you've done it)
  1. Click on the PC button at the bottom left
  2. A pop-up window will then appear asking to save the .pbn file.  Make sure the Save File option is selected and click on OK
  3. You will then need to select where to save the file on your computer - you need to put it somewhere you can find it - if in doubt save it on the desktop.
  4. Then start up Bridge Baron.
  5. I have a very old version so I may need to look at yours if you can't find what to do when it starts up.  I click on Programs in the Menu, then on Tools then on Deal Library, then on "Retrieve Deal from Library File". 
  6. In the dialog box that pops up make sure the File Type is set to PBN files (not Baron PPL), and then navigate to where you saved the PBN file and click on that. 
  7. You will see a screen with all the boards listed and the first one opened, you just click on the board you want and Bob's your uncle!