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The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 25 April 2018 at 7:00 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

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Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary  for Team of 8 results and for Team of 4 results

Derbyshire (Home) 13/11/2016

Report by John Auld

This time Notts managed two wins and a loss which represents progress. Also the Dawes team is unbeaten after three matches-not a record breaking run but something to build on.

Yet again Steve Raine & Ankush Khandelwal  were best by some distance in the Dawes match. Pravin Tailor & Bill Whalley were best in the Porter and Tony Stephenson & Michael Bleaney managed a positive performance in the losing Markham match.

The teams with Butler imps:


Willie Crook & Sandy Fulton                    3

Lloyd Eagling & Frnk Ball                       12

Irene & John Auld                                  -7

Steve Raine & Ankush Khandelwal          50



John Rolph & Gerry Franklin                   2

Graham Lee & Dick Milne                      14

Anthony Pettengell & Maciej Lejman      21

Bill Whalley & Pravin Tailor                    46



Tony Stephenson & Michael Bleaney     24

Tim Anderson & Shirley Ashtari           -10

Phil Dale & Ray Furlonger                   -8

Nick Clarke & Wendy Walker               -76            


The standout play in the match came from Derbyshires Paul Madden on board 6:

At our table East West playing a club system were one of only two pairs (both in Derbyshire`s first team) to bid the good 7S. Declarer played it as would most of us: drawing trumps and trying to establish diamonds. This line works unless someone has five diamonds to the J as here. Probably 90% or so.

Against Sandy and Willie Paul Madden made a play normally confined to bridge books. He cashed just two trumps before tackling diamonds. Miraculously he could now ruff two losing diamonds without interruption.


After set one we had a handy lead but set two changed that starting with board 9: 

Having passed initially I decided to make a suicidal double on the next round. Despite much buck passing partner was eventually treated to playing in 2H doubled. Note how well the opponents did to double holding just 3 hearts each. North cashed a D and led a trump. Partner tried to make something of the spades playing small to the 8. That works against Q9x or J9x, more likely than QJx as here. North did well to duck and decarer made just 4 trumps for -1100.

There followed a spirited post-mortem (a post-mortem of the hand not of me although it was close). In case anyone does not already  realise how unwise it is to bid with my hand a few of the reasons are: the vulnerability, partners pass over 1D , the opponents strong bidding and so on. There is nothing to gain against good opponents. It is the sort of thing one gets away with at pairs but not at teams and not against a pair who recently won the Nicko trophy.

Our first set lead had now vanished but half time came and we regrouped. Board 19 arrived:

Partners 2NT showed 22-23 and my 3H was a transfer to spades. This produced a slightly aggressive 4S and I was confident about 6S, a good slam as it happened. If partner obediently bids just 3S I would have bid 4C but some good judgement is needed thereafter to reach slam. It is much easier if South can show good spade supprt. The real answer is to play 3S in this sequence as showing support, wth 3NT bid on a doubleton. This convention is a fairly recent idea but will I predict become widespread.

The Dawes team managed a 15-5 win, the Porter led throughout to win 17-3 and the Markham lost 4-16.