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Rules - Teams of Four
30th May 2018 11:19 BST
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30th May 2018 11:17 BST
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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 6 June 2018 at 7:00 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary  for Team of 8 results and
for Team of 4 results

Rules - Team of Eight
Rules - Team of Eight

issued June 2017


The League is under the management of the NCBA committee.  All players are expected to ensure that matches are arranged and played for mutual convenience and enjoyment.  Where problems arise captains are urged to consult one another to resolve matters to mutual satisfaction.

Postponement of matches causes problems to all and every effort should be made to complete fixtures on the dates agreed.


1.    The entry fee for the league is payable before the start of the season.

2.    Any club wishing to enter or withdraw a team must do so before 31st July.

3.    All differences and disputes that cannot be settled between teams shall be referred to and settled by the NCBA Committee, whose decision shall be final.  For any breach of any of these Rules or any other irregularity, the Committee may impose such penalties either by way of deduction of points or otherwise as it may think fit.

4.    If at the end of the season a team has played less than half of their matches then the results for the matches they have played are cancelled. If the offending team has played half or more of their matches then their results stand and the other teams in the division that have not had the opportunity to play against the offending team are awarded VPs along the following lines:-

The non-offending team receives (a) 12 VPs or (b) its average score in VPs for the season or (c) 20 minus the offending team's average score in VPs for the season, whichever is the greatest.

5.    New teams entering the League will start in the lowest division.


6.    The League is only open to teams from EBU affiliated clubs in Nottinghamshire. Players must be bone fide members of that club. 

7.    No player may play for more than one club within the League in any one season.

8.    There is no limit to the number of players who can represent any one team.

9.    Where a club enters more than one team:

(a)       For each team apart from the lowest ranking1, four players must be nominated who will only play for that team or a higher ranking team. 

(b)       Nominated players must play at least four matches during the season.

(c)        The names of nominated players must be sent to the League Secretary by the end of the year i.e. 31st December.  These names will be published on the NCBA website.

(d)       No player may take part in more matches altogether than the largest number of matches played by a team that he/she has played for.

(e)       Subject to the above, a player may play for different teams against the same team.


10.    To encourage participation, in the lowest division only, a team may include a non EBU/NCBA member on two occasions only (i.e. two such non-members in the same match, one in two different matches, or two in one match each). Their names must be clearly identified on the result sheet.       

11.  Any team that includes an unauthorised player for one or more matches will incur a penalty of 5 VPs for each occasion. Unauthorised players include those who:

(a)       have been nominated for a higher ranking team.

(b)       have already played the maximum permitted number of matches.

(c)        have previously played for another club in the same season.

(d)       are not EBU/NCBA members, subject to Rule 10.

Matches and Results

12.  Matches should start by 7.15 p.m. and players should make every effort to finish no later than 10.45 p.m.  The Home team are required to provide a suitable venue and refreshments.

13  Matches are to be played over 24 boards with imps scoring.  Where 24 boards cannot be played (for whatever reason) the same victory point scale should be used.  At least 18 boards must be played for the match to be valid.

14.  If a ruling on the laws of bridge is required, the captains of both teams should be called, and they should attempt to agree on a ruling.   (For help contact the League Referee: details at the end of the Rules). All irregularities should be reported to the League Secretary either at the time of the occurrence, or with the result sheet.   No appeal will be considered once the result sheet has been signed by both captains.  Captains are advised not to sign a score sheet if they have a dispute that could not be solved on the night.

15.  Results of matches must be returned to the League Secretary within 7 days of the match.

16.  The head-to-head matches between teams from the same club must be played no later than the date indicated by the League Secretary at the beginning of the season.   If the match is not played at the due time the result will be recorded as 0 – 0.

17.  Matches should be played by April 17th. Matches not played by then will be recorded as 0 – 0 unless there are exceptional circumstances.2

18.  An agreed match date may be re-arranged only by mutual consent or, in exceptional circumstances, on application to the League Secretary who may sanction rearrangement or refer to the NCBA Committee.

19.  Where matches are postponed, even by mutual consent:

(a) Within 7 days, a penalty of 3 VPs may be incurred by the team that postpones the match. Within 2 days, a penalty of 6 VPs may be incurred by the team that postpones the match.

(b) A statement to the effect that a penalty is due should be entered on the  reverse of the results sheet and signed by both captains.  Penalties for late postponement of matches cannot be waived; they must be notified in this manner. Any dispute should be communicated to the League  Secretary, in writing, as soon as possible.

(c) Penalties for postponement will generally not be applied if there was  an acceptable reason for the team that postponed the match being unable to meet its commitment.  In these cases no statement is needed  on the results sheet.  Acceptable reasons include: poor weather  conditions (e.g. thick fog, snow), sudden illness of team members.

(d) The process of re-arranging a postponed match is the responsibility of the captain of the team which caused the postponement, and the venue  may be specified by the other team captain.   Any expenses incurred by the team not at fault (e.g. for hire of venue) should be made good by the team that postponed the match.

20.   Non-arrival or late arrival of one or more members of teams is treated as a late cancellation.

        All of one team is present

(a) If no members of the offending team are present 45 minutes after the scheduled start, then the match can be abandoned.

(b) If some members of the offending team are present (this constitutes notification)

(i)  After 30 minutes of late arrival (notified or not) the match is reduced by 2 boards and for each extra 15 minutes a further 2 boards.  A total of 18 boards must be played.   For each board not played 3 imps is awarded to the non-offending team.

(ii) The match cannot be abandoned until 1 hour 30 minutes has elapsed from the scheduled starting time.  (Note: This period of time may enable the team to be completed either by the arrival of the player(s) or by replacement player(s) being found).

Neither team is complete at the scheduled start

(c) The team which is completed first is the non-offending team and Rule 19 (b) applies.            

Abandoned match

(d) The offending team is penalised by 6 VPs and the non-offending team  awarded 12 VPs or its average score for the season or 20 minus the average score of the offending team whichever is the greatest.

21.  As a matter of course, any team not completing the full fixture list by 17th April is not eligible for promotion to another division, irrespective of their  position in the league. Applications for exceptions to this rule should be made in writing to the League Secretary as soon as possible, and each   case will be considered by the NCBA Committee.3

22.  At the end of each season, provided that the structure of the League    remains the same, within each division the two teams with the most VPs  will be promoted to the division above and the two teams with the least number of VPs will be relegated. In the event of a tie the team that won the head to head will take precedence.


Rules of Play

23.  Computer dealt hands may only be used with the prior agreement of both teams. Prior being when the match is confirmed and again, for the avoidance of doubt, before the match starts.

24.  All pairs must have matching convention cards (but see note 4). Failure to do so will mean that when any bidding dispute or ruling on the laws of bridge is required (see Rule 14 above) players without convention cards will always be disadvantaged.



  1. The comparative ranking of teams is determined by the divisions that the teams are in.  If teams are in the same division, the higher ranking team is considered to be the one with the letter nearer to the beginning of the alphabet (e.g. Nottingham A is higher than Nottingham B).  Otherwise, a club is expected to nominate one team as the higher ranking.
  2. If one team is entirely at fault, (including withdrawal from the league after the half-way point) that team receives 0 VPs. The non-offending team receives (a) 12 VPs or (b) its average score for the season or (c) 20 minus the opponent's average score, whichever is the greatest.  Matches may be played after the end of March with the prior permission of the League Secretary.
  3. Only teams that can demonstrate beyond doubt that their failure to complete their fixtures is through no fault of their own may be exempted from this rule.  The Committee's decision is final.
  4. Players in the lowest division only may be exempted from this rule providing they are playing absolutely Basic Acol i.e. Weak NT and Stayman only with no other conventions. Convention cards can be downloaded from the EBU  and customised to individual pairs' systems.


League Secretary:

Chris Clark

23 Cedarland Crescent,
NG16 1AG

Telephone: 0115 927 4939



Tim Anderson  

Telephone: 0115 922 4773

David Burgess

Telephone: 0115 937 2947


Rules - Teams of 8 2017 v2.pdf

Rules - Teams of 8 2017 v2 Word