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Welcome to the website for the Northern Section of the Devon Bridge Association. All results falling under the Section will be shown here. There will be 2 separate "competitions" created for each year's Section Swiss Pairs Events and an overall Master Points Competition for each year. Swiss Pairs event tables will be based on average VPs over a minimum of three rounds.You will be shown in the Pairs Competition table only if you played 3 or more events with one partner and in the Individual Competition only if you played 3 or more events with more than one partner. You can see the overall pattern of entries from the Master Point Competition) 


Dartington Glass Trophy (Swiss Teams)

Sunday 4h Feb saw Filleigh Village Hall host the annual Swiss Teams event for the Dartington Glass Trophy which returned to the south of the county with Dick Andrews, Keith Ponsford, Terry Cannon and Robin Giles winning all of their 6 matches averaging 16/20. Another team from that part of the county, Ann Slee, Graham Hoare, Richard Lingham & Viv Mably came joint second but were 15 VPs behind the winners. They tied with the predominantly local team of Brent, Stephen R, Alison and Ian Walsh. There were decent showings too from Richard W & Penny playing with Heather Binding & Pam Rice finishing fourth with 76. Neil, Chris & Gill and Brenda were a further 8 points adrift on 68. There was also a good start from Chris Hatt, Barbara P, Mary & Roe with 55/80 from their first four matches and finishing 6th on 61 just ahead of Risers, Malcolm, Marjorie, Linda Ashworth & Carole Reid. As always this was a most enjoyable day and the sixteen teams in attendance raised around £300 of which £100 goes to Macmillan and the balance to the North Devon Hospice. The catering was to the usual and expected high standard. Thanks to Richard Carter for running the techonolgy expertly as normal and to Carol Ritzen who directed. 

Newly qualified North Devon Directors!

Please take this link to TV to see a news item in respect of the recent successes of nine local players. Thanks to Section for sponsoring the Qualification of the 7 members of EBU affiliated clubs. 

2017/18 Swiss Pairs (Taw Vale Event)

The postponed Taw Vale round of this years competition took place on 26th March and saw a sixteen table field. Thanks are due to all who helped on a difficult night, generally Alison, Neil, Nicky, Penny and Steve to last minute subs David, Jane & Roger and particularly to Richard C and Roger. Failure to be present and seated by 6.50 as is always requested for these Swiss events is a cause of major difficulty and stress for the organizers. One pair arriving just before 7pm last night almost certainly played a significant role in what followed. Thanks to all for their forebearance. Please notify any changes, including polarity if desired. There were good showings for both Colin & Grace coming sixth and Marjorie & Carole coming fourth. Sally and Sam on 71 VPs were third 1 point shy of subs Jane & Roger who came second winning  all five of their matches, including that against winners Alison & Nicky on 77. In the overall competition Alison & Nicky are some way ahead of Carole & Marjorie in second place. 

Filleigh Swiss Teams (Matched Pairs)

Sunday 5th November yet again saw Filleigh Village Hall host a Section Swiss Teams event, this time the matched pairs event. There were good showings from severl teams with five teams all reaching 70 VPs. Three of these lost no more than one match while the winners lost three. Congratulations to Mike & Jen, Steve & Jacqui who came third behind Kevin Yardley & Jenny Burman with previous winners John & Regina with just one more VP. The trophy was taken by Richard & Carol on 77. They were paired with Margaret & Dulcie scooping the trophy for the third time. This was a most enjoyable day for the 17 participating teams and over £400 was raised for North Devon Hospice. Thanks to all contributed to the organisation and running of the day to Richard Carter for running the techonolgy expertly as normal and to Carol Ritzen who directed fielding a largenumber of calls. The cateing was excellent. 

Final and overall results of Swiss Pairs competition

After the final round of this years competition held at he Caen Club on Tuesday, Brent and Paul  are in first place with four very consistent scores ahead of Mike & Richard. By inspection at least it would seem that Jan & Jane Keatley take the handicap prize. Had they just beaten 2/3 of their score of 75 in the final round (which earned them second place) either at Barnstaple (when they didn't play) or Taw Vale, then they wouldnt be mere handicap winners. They were fourth overall. Joint third on Tuesday were Stephen & Roger and Carole & Penny scoring 63 (with Brent & Paul). The highest score of 81 in both this round and the overall competition was acheived by Richard & Carol who won on the night rising to third overall. Shirley Jobbins and Lee Styles acheived a very good result in this round beating 3 of their 5 seemingly stronger opponents rather handsomely.  

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