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Alan Lamb Benefit

84 people played at the Alan Lamb Benefit bridge afternoon on 3 November at Broadwell (76 played duplicate and 8 played Chicago). A huge thank-you needs to be given to all who helped out, to the players who took part the event and to those who gave such generous donations of cakes, scones and raffle prizes. It was a great afternoon and achieved a tremendous result for a very worthwhile cause!
        And here's where I can try to express my profound gratitude to all the organisers, players, and donors, for the magnificent sum of £1,505 - it will certainly mean a more comfortable convalesence, and likely a much-needed break for David (I had no shortage of rest myself!).
        I was just sorry not to have been strong enough to attend the event ( I'm not sure I've been such a 'good cause' before ... ! )
Hoping to be fully back into the swing of the Club quite soon, i.e. by the New Year ...                                        ...
Alan 14.11.17                           


        18 Teams, 25th & 26th August '17 - 8 for the Snowdon Salver, including friends from Pershore, Rugby Village, Chipping Norton and Shipston Clubs, and 10 tables of members for the Novice Plate .. social sessions, but congratulations to all who did well, comiserations to the less lucky, but it was mainly about gaining experience !
Full details are under 'Results', and the Salver was retained by Pershore BC, albeit with a 'reduced majority' !

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Sundry news
Sundry news
Reduced-through-necessity, a snap of our event 10th March, the main room of play. An amazing 39 pairs raised an equally magnificent £1,005 going to Sue Ryder Hospice, thanks to all players and donors ..





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Chipping Campden Bowls Club

26th February : Event at Chipping Campden Bowls Club, by Action Medical Research ..
.. 32 pairs enjoyed a great meal - THANKS TO ALL ORGANISERS - and then Chicago bridge. 1,027.00 raised - which has delighted the team, being their first year in 'four figures'. Bridge winners : Beng & Hugh, Alison & Robert. Raffle : miscellaneous.

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