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2018 Eden Cup Winners

Congratulations to 

1 Robert Miller & Daniel Baines 61.14 36
2 John Prior & Brendan Alston 55.91 30

2018 Broke Cup Winners

Congratulations to the Miller Team for their win in the Broke Cup

Walshaw Cup Winners
Walshaw Cup Winners

Congratulations to Hilary and Ross Stacey and

Walshaw Plate Winners: 

Jennifer Metters and Geoff Wilson

Eastern Counties League

Latest results Div 1, Div 2, Div3






    Butler Averages for 2017-18   

Sunday, 11th February 2018 (H)



Sunday, 14th January 2018 (A) 



Sunday, 26th November 2017 (A) 



Sunday, 12th November 2017 (A) 

  Cambridge University


Sunday, 17th September 2017 (H) 

  Cambs & Hunts


Sunday, 20th August 2017 (H) 



Sunday, 16th July 2017 (A) 




Matches are played between 3 teams of 8, A,B & C. Home one season & away the next. Cambridge University is always played at Cambridge.

Counties involved: Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire&Huntingdonshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire & Cambridge University.

32 boards are played in 4 stanzas of 8. Teams are selected by the County Selector, currently Mike Trask.

There is no promotion or relegation. The winning team in each of the 3 leagues A,B & C play in a National final, usually at Solihull in July.