No Fear Bridge Club
Club Rules

Club Rules

    1.  Be friendly and courteous at all times.  

    2.  Never criticise or offer advice unless asked.

Comments beginning 'You should have…….' or 'Why didn’t you……' often offend even if not intended to!



  1. Always count your cards face downward before looking at the hand. 

  2. The opening lead should be made face downward in case the lead is accidentally made from the wrong side.

  3. Only North should handle the boards.  The board in play should be left visible so that all can see the vulnerability during the play of the hand.

  4. Don’t pick up your cards at the end of the hand until you have agreed with opponents the number of tricks made.

  5. Make sure that any comments about the hand just played are made QUIETLY.  It spoils the game for others including the next table if they can hear what contract you just played!

  6. Better stilll, save post-mortems until the end of the round if you have time left, to avoid delaying other people.