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Updated Name Day and Date Email Telephone Comments
22nd Oct 2017 17:56 BST Malcolm Frost 2nd November Partner found.
17th Oct 2017 18:10 BST veronicahiscocks 20th,27th !EEE39 have found a partner for all dates
17th Oct 2017 11:19 BST veronica hiscocks fri 27th oct !EEE127 01483724996 have partner for 20th still need one for27th
13th Oct 2017 18:43 BST Malcolm Frost 2nd November !EEE110 07885 186170
13th Oct 2017 18:42 BST Malcolm Frost Thursday 26th October !EEE110 07885 186170 I also need a partner for the following week, 2nd November.
6th Oct 2017 20:55 BST Veronica hiscocks Friday 13th, 20th,27th !EEE39 01483 724996 Arthur away
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