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Please note that all sessions start promptly at the advertised time.

Thursday players must arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time so that the movement can be arranged.

We do our best to accommodate latecomers but cannot guarantee you will be able to play if you do not arrive on time.


Contact session organisers for info on specific sessions or contact Jane at for general enquiries.

Teams Entry Thurs 19 October

Teams Competition on Thursday 19 October   -   Prizes for the winning team

Enter the names of your team below.
If you don't yet have a team then enter the first two names with a request under comments for team mates.
No host for this session.

Updated Name Partner Player 3 Player 4 Comments
9th Oct 2017 09:32 BST Irene Williams Celia Westen Dee Egan Jim Egan
2nd Oct 2017 19:34 BST David Burch Liz Dunjay Ken Harper John Hodges
28th Sep 2017 14:44 BST Roger Buckley Joyce Sweeney Keith Childs Allan Davies
28th Sep 2017 14:43 BST Elaine Fawdry Shirley Gale James Barrie Sylvia Gleeson
28th Sep 2017 14:09 BST Cynthia Norfolk Annie Everitt Bob Norfolk Sheila Edwardes
28th Sep 2017 14:08 BST David Miles Lynn Skrzpecka Pippa Graeme Diane Ewart
11th Sep 2017 08:27 BST Anne Miller Caroline Bowden Anne Limbach Sandra Gibson
9th Sep 2017 18:00 BST Paula Carter Susan Pilkington Thelma Stock Jean Guano
9th Sep 2017 11:01 BST Alan Miles Bernice Miles Andrew Kelson Annette Jacot
8th Sep 2017 17:39 BST Malcolm Frost Pat Watson David Bayley Chris Parker
7th Sep 2017 18:56 BST Renuka Humphrys Michael Furfie Kathy Lees-Cobb Mary Johnstone
29th Aug 2017 14:22 BST Mandy Cross Julie Minards Dorothy Harper Stephanie Butt
25th Aug 2017 16:12 BST Anne Goodfellow Roy Hendries Carolyn Shakerchi Jackie Jennings
17th Aug 2017 17:16 BST Paul Ruston Val Ruston Leslie Phillips Douglas Baynes
11th Aug 2017 16:50 BST Chris Hayfield Gill Woolfson Margaret Wilshire Moyra Cawthorne
15 Entries