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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club


Join us on Tuesday January 22, and compete with ACBL players across the U.S.! Winners in this game will be listed online at and in the Bridge Bulletin. Analyses for each hand, written by Oren Kriegel, will be available.

More than Double Points (81.8% sectional rated).
1st Place in ACBL: 20 masterpoints.
1st Place in District 11: 10 masterpoints.
Winners in District 11: 20.
Game fee: $6.

January 29, Eight Is Enough
January 29, Eight Is Enough


On January 29, we play our first TEAM game of 2019!

This TEAM event will be an Eight Is Enough Swiss.
Each member your team is assigned a point rating.
Your team must possess 8 or fewer "points".

Point ratings for this game are as follows:
3 points = 1500+ Masterpoints
2 points = 500-1500 Masterpoints
1 point = 0-500 Masterpoints

Our club has the following regular attendance:
23 players at level 3,
32 players at level 2,
39 players at level 1.

Teams of 4 players may be combined as shown:
Let's have some fun!

Photo by Ria Tan
Eight Arm Luidia Sea Star

3311 2222 1111
3221 2221  
3211 2211  
3111 2111  
January 30, Board-A-Match
January 30, Board-A-Match

Chess Board Match photo by Marco Verch


Our second TEAM game of 2019 is on Wednesday evening. It will be a Board (-A-) Match game.

As in all TEAM games, your score against your opponents is all that matters. Unlike other TEAM games, you either win (1), draw (½), or lose (0) the board.

There's no bonus for big scores. SO, use pairs strategy, i.e. overtricks matter, NT vs suit contracts matter, etc.

It's helpful to the director to know approximately how many TEAMs will participate. So, if you know you'll play, please sign-up ahead of time.

January 31, Play With A New-To-You Partner
January 31, Play With A New-To-You Partner

Thursday January 31 is our New-To-You Partner game. This "mixer" is filled with lots of laughter and good camaraderie.

A new-to-you partner hasn't been your partner in the last 3 months. New-to-you partnerships get a chance in a drawing for a FREE game.

If a new-to-you partnership includes a player whose last game at NKBC was prior to November, they automatically receive a FREE game. These partnerships are not part the drawing.

Let the fun begin!  smiley

January 22, 2019
ACBL-Wide Jr. Fund
10:00 AM
Director: Cordell
January 23, 2019
Open Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Cordell
January 24, 2019
Open Pairs
11:30 AM
Director: Iris
Jr. Fund Pairs
Director: Sheila Dippel
Open Pairs
Director: Sheila Dippel
Open Pairs
Director: Cordell Coy