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Welcome to Northern Kentucky Bridge Club
Next Club Champions, Thursday April 25
Next Club Champions, Thursday April 25

Brenda and Jack edged out their competition on April 2 and secured their spot on our Club Champions picture board.

This week on Thursday April 25, we'll add a new pair of club champions.

Now is the time; it's YOUR turn!

And your timing could be right, as some of the competition is away at Gatlinburg.

Now's YOUR chance, be the next

Do it!

Board-A-Match TEAMS, Tuesday April 30
Board-A-Match TEAMS, Tuesday April 30

BAM photo by jam_project

On Tuesday April 30, we'll play our next TEAM game.
This time it's a Board-A-Match or BAM.

BAMs are arguably the toughest game in duplicate bridge.
It plays like a pairs game in that EW move around the room.
We use BridgeMates to score and there are handrecords.

In this game, you should use PAIRs strategy.
10 points can mean the difference between winning and losing the board.
Your score is compared only with your teammates.
You either win (1), lose (0), or draw (½) on each board.

Come join us for this most challenging of games. smiley

We're Recycling
We're Recycling


Every little bit helps!

We've added a BLUE trash receptacle for plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Please segregate your trash appropriately, and we'll see that the bottles and cans are recycled.


STAC Week, April 16-19
STAC Week, April 16-19

Sectional Tournament At Club
All Silver Points, All Week

We competed with clubs throughout district 11. If your game was one of the best in the district, your award skyrocketed! STAC games are sectional rated (triple points) and tables are counted across the district. The more tables, the higher the award.

Congratulations to all, and thanks for playing at NKBC!

Pancake photo by Andrew Rennie


Check out these OVERALL RESULTS:

April 23, 2019
Charity Pairs
10:00 AM
Director: Cordell
April 24, 2019
Charity Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Cordell
April 25, 2019
Club Championship
11:30 AM
Director: Joe
Director: Sheila Dippel
Director: Sheila Dippel
Director: Don Duritsch