Bridge Centre of Niagara

If you are a Club member, you can register and look for partners for specific games in the members only section of this web site. If you are a visitor or have a last minute emergency, please call our  Partnership Coordinator, Kit  Nash at 905-468-2047 between the hours of 9AM and 9PM. Kit will work hard making phone calls on your behalf. Please have the courtesy to call her back if you find your own partner.

Summer Memberships
Summer memberships
Selected 16
Surname First Name Renewal Member Type  
Bamford Betty 20/09/0030 S  
Bamford Wally 00/09/0020 S  
Culliford Beverley 20/09/0030 S  
Dolson Mary 20/09/0030 S  
Evans Liz 20/09/0030 S  
Goss Geoff 20/09/0030 S  
Harris Barbara 20/09/0030 S  
Kanters Carole 20/09/0030 S  
Kanters Gerald 20/09/0030 S  
Porter Henry 20/09/0030 S  
Porter Patty 20/09/0030 S  
Roynon Jean 20/03/0031 S  
Roynon John 20/03/0031 S  
Sujer Jane 20/03/0031 S  
Sujer Raimund 20/03/0031 S  
Van der Ree Betty 20/09/0030 S