Bridge Centre of Niagara

If you are a Club member, you can register and look for partners for specific games in the members only section of this web site. If you are a visitor or have a last minute emergency, please call our  Partnership Coordinator, Kit  Nash at 905-468-2047 between the hours of 9AM and 9PM. Kit will work hard making phone calls on your behalf. Please have the courtesy to call her back if you find your own partner.

Blank ACBL numbers report
Blank ACBL Numbers
Selected 44
Surname First Name ACBL  
Archibald Cynthia    
Bamford Wally    
Bashak Walter    
Brady Ron    
Chopra Sarish    
Cloutier Sylvie    
Day Rose    
Deane Ellie    
Demetriades Dinos    
DiRisio Felicia    
Gill Elaine    
Gorski Joanna    
Hale George    
Haynes Valerie    
Houtby Kathie    
Hyatt Lynne    
Jantz Karen    
Kelly Eunice    
Loucks Sherri    
Mambella Ann    
McCallum John    
McCallum Helen    
Mirynech Anne    
Morrison Jaclyn    
Nicol Nancy    
Nowak Jan    
Nowak Jim    
Ovens Deborah    
Petley Janice    
Reilly Doug    
Rosts Andres    
Salton Joan    
Sargeson Mark    
Skene Gail    
Tenyenhuis Geraldine    
Tureski Tom    
Tureski Rick    
Tureski Lisa    
Veale Alan    
Veres David    
Wald Susan    
Washik Rose    
Ori Barbara #N/A  
Stockwell Anne Marie #N/A