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The Newton Bridge Club is a duplicate bridge club, sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). We offer duplicate bridge games and classes at three Synagogues in Newton and Needham. All programs support the Synagogues in which they are located. 

Games are open to all, and we maintain a friendly, relaxed environment where beginners and newer players should always feel comfortable. ACBL masterpoints are awarded to all high finishers.

Game Times and Locations:
Monday mornings, 10:30 AM, at Temple Reyim in Newton
Monday evenings, 7:15 PM, at Temple Aliyah in Needham
open and novice (0-49) games
novice game ends at about 9:30
Tuesday mornings, 10:30 AM, at Temple Reyim in Newton
Tuesday evenings, 7:15 PM, at Temple Reyim
Wednesday mornings, 10:30 AM, at Temple Reyim
Thursday mornings, 10:30 AM, at Temple Reyim
Thursday evenings, 7:15 PM, at Temple Reyim
Friday mornings, 10:30 AM, at Temple Reyim

Game Locations:
Temple Aliyah:  1664 Central Ave, Needham
Temple Reyim:  1860 Washington St, Newton

David Metcalf • david at newtonbridge dot com • home: 617-332-3813

Tim Hill • thill75 at wesleyan dot edu • mobile: 781-929-7673

Joyce Pearson • joyce at newtonbridge dot com

Cilla Borras •  cilla  at newtonbridge dot com

Tuesday Evening Swiss October 16
Yesterday’s Swiss team game had an exciting finish, with four of six boards producing double-digit swings in many matches. TANG (Jay Tang, Leo Zelevinsky; John Byers, Michael Mitzenmacher) had chalked up 55 victory points in the first three rounds, blitzing GILLESPIE (Luke Gillespie, Sheila Gabay; Lew Gamerman, Anton Tsypkin) en route. They were nine victory points ahead of ABERBACH (Len Aberbach, Robin Hillyard; Kim Gilman, Tony Wolf) when the leaders squared off in the final round, so ABERBACH needed to win by at least 11 IMPs to overtake TANG.

Board 19 (see hand records and “travelers”) was played in 3NT at every table. The three East declarers (presumably weak notrumpers) probably had an easy time after a ♠2 lead. The 15 West declarers probably got a K lead, so they needed 4-4 hearts and the ♠J under the K 10. They were in luck, but only seven of 15 Wests got it right. Perhaps the other eight sought their ninth trick in diamonds. The diamonds do break 3-3, but the defenders can take five tricks before declarer can enjoy the thirteenth diamond. In any case, Aberbach-Hillyard made 3NE and Byers-Mitzenmacher made 3NW, for a push.

On board 20, ten of 16 EWs, including Byers-Mitzenmacher, bid a vulnerable slam with two quick club losers. 13 IMPs to ABERBACH. One possible auction: 1♠–2 (5+ hearts, game forcing)–4 (fast arrival; no slam interest)–5 (worth a slam try despite partner’s disinterest; diamond control but no club control)–5 (no club control)–Pass!

On board 21, Byers-Mitzenmacher’s Moysian 4 contract was doomed to fail by the bad trump break while Aberbach-Hillyard’s 5♣ contract seems destined to succeed by the lucky diamond break. Nevertheless, 5♣ also failed, for a push.

On board 22, Gilman-Wolf and Tang-Zelevinsky both made 4♠, probably picking up the ♠J with a trump coup, but Aberbach-Hillyard’s double cost 5 IMPs. (I think the only way to beat 4♠ double-dummy is to underlead the AKJ and then tap declarer twice in diamonds. Hah!) Addendum: I’m told Hillyard had actually foreseen the killing defense and doubled in an attempt to get Aberbach, who had overcalled 2 vulnerable, to lead a low diamond. Aberbach wasn’t on the same page.

Board 23 produced 17-IMP swings in six of the nine matches. Two NS pairs played a hopeless 7NT. The other 16 played 6NT. Six, including Wolf, succeeded; ten, including Tang, failed. The road to success is to play hearts, when they don’t break give up a heart to rectify the count, and then play diamonds. East can’t keep enough black cards, so either the ♠8 or the ♣10 becomes the 12th trick.

Board 24 was the least swingy in the match. TANG got back 2 IMPs. ABERBACH won by 23 IMPs.

ABERBACH won the event. R.BINDER (Rick Binder, Glenn McIntyre; Lloyd Arvedon, John Stiefel) leapt into second place when they won their last match by 25 IMPs (17 on board 23). TANG finished third overall and first in the C stratum.
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