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Please help the club by volunteering to be a standby player on Thursday or Friday evenings at least once a year.

You will be given a free game or a voucher for a free game if it turns out you are not needed.

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Welcome to The New Melville Bridge Club

The place to learn and play the game of Bridge in Edinburgh.

As enjoyed by 479 members and over 300 students in our Academy.

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  Club Closed

Please note that there will be no regular bridge sessions in the afternoon or the evening of Wednesday 19 December as we will be setting up for the Christmas party on the 20th. 

Last updated : 12th Dec 2018 21:44 GMT
  Peebles Congress Teams Winners
Peebles Congress Teams Winners

A special mention should also have gone to David Briggs, David King, David Hamilton and Denise King who won the Gardiner Trophy on the Friday evening.

Huge CONGRATULATIONS are due to our assistant club manager Anne Perkins who along with teammates and club members Mike Baron, David Kaye and Irene Sime have won the Congress Swiss Teams at this years December National Congress in Peebles.

Congratulations are also due to Alan Goodman, Brian Short, Fiona McQuaker and Anne Symons who finished a close second.

And, we must also congratulate club members Iain Sime and Paul Barton who were victorious in the Congress Swiss Pairs.

Last updated : 15th Dec 2018 00:24 GMT
  Christmas Congress
Christmas Congress

Entries are now being taken for...

our annual  Christmas Congress  

To be held on Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 December.

On Saturday we have a two-session Swiss Pairs competition starting at 1.30, finishing by about 8.30 pm.

On Sunday we have a two-session Swiss Teams competition also starting at 1.30 and finishing at about 8.30 pm.

Entry costs £12 per person per day. An optional meal is available from our excellent caterer also at £12 per person per day.

There are Bronze and Silver prizes in addition to the prizes for the pairs and teams finishing in the top three places.

Get your entries in by clicking HERE.

Last updated : 13th Nov 2018 09:53 GMT
Learning To Play Bridge

Are you interested in learning to play Bridge? If so, we offer a full range of classes extending over six terms (three years) which take you from absolute beginner to club player.

Our classes for the spring term are now finalised. Click HERE for the sign-up form with details of times and classes.

Note that all current classes continue in January, and there is an additional class for complete beginners.


Full information about the days and the times along with the topics covered, can be found in the Melville Bridge Academy section of our website (see left hand menu).

There you can also submit an enquiry about current availability or about the classes for the spring term.

Last updated : 8th Nov 2018 11:11 GMT
  Some Bridge DOs and DON'Ts - Dummy's Rights

An occasional series of articles for newer (and some experienced) players.

Dummy's Rights

Dummy must act as declarer's agent taking instruction from declarer as to which card is to be played to a trick. Dummy must not indicate in any way whatsoever the card he or she thinks should be played to a trick or take part in any way in the play of a hand.

As Dummy

  • DO check with declarer if he/she fails to follow suit
  • DO keep a proper count of tricks won and lost
  • DO try to prevent an irregularity such as declarer leading from the wrong hand
  • DON'T call the tournament director during the play of a hand
  • DON'T exchange your hand with that of declarer
  • DON'T call attention to any irregularity during play
  • DON'T leave your seat to watch declarer
  • DON'T look at the face cards in the defenders' hands
Last updated : 29th Sep 2018 17:24 BST
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Thursday Evening MP Pairs
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Monday Afternoon X Imps
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Thursday X Imp pairs
Fri 14th Dec 2018
Match Point Pairs
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Mon 17th Dec 2018
Cross Imp Pairs
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Mon 17th Dec 2018
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Christmas Party
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