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Please help the club by volunteering to be a standby player on Thursday or Friday evenings at least once a year.

You will be given a free game or a voucher for a free game if it turns out you are not needed.

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Welcome to The New Melville Bridge Club

The place to learn and play the game of Bridge in Edinburgh.

As enjoyed by 473 members and well over 200 students in our Academy.

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  MacMillan Cancer Support Afternoon
MacMillan Cancer Support Afternoon

On Friday 28th September, Alice Lappin and Liz Fisher are holding a Chicago Style Bridge & Afternoon Tea event for MacMillan Cancer Support starting at 1.00 pm

A table for four players costs £40.

Please add your four names by clicking HERE.

Members who aren't able to  attend but who would like to make a donation can do so using the 'Donations' tab on the tills in the club.

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  Men v Women Result

Our annual Men v Women 'start of the season' competition was held last night with the men coming out on top by over 15,000 aggregate points. Congratulations to the prize winners which were: NS Section A Mike Ash & Arend Bayer on +7580; EW Section A Liz McGowan & Fiona McQuaker -3750; NS Section B Amanda Aberdour & Denise King +5300; EW Section B Stewart Morris & Kevin McCullough -1600. Thank you to all those that took part. An enjoyaable evening was had by all.

Last updated : 14th Sep 2018 15:16 BST
  Autumn Bronze to Silver Classes Now FULL

PLEASE NOTE:  The 'Bronze to Silver' course being presented by Iain Sime, assisted by Julia Palmer is now FULL.

Last updated : 20th Aug 2018 11:55 BST
Bridge Lessons

♠  ♣  Autumn Term Classes for 2018 ♠  ♣  

Are you interested in learning to play Bridge? If so, we offer a full range of classes extending over six terms (three years) which take you from absolute beginner to club player.

Full information about the days and times of our classes, along with the topics covered, can be found in the Melville Bridge Academy section of our website (see left hand menu) where you can also submit an enquiry about current availability.


Classes start during the week beginning 17 September.

Click HERE for full details of days and times.

You can download an application form by clicking HERE

Last updated : 20th Aug 2018 12:03 BST

This Autumn the Melville Bridge Academy’s Dave Walker and Julia Palmer will offer a course of teaching and play which extends the SBU learners’ course and gives you further essential tools of the game! The theme for this term is ‘Declarer Play', and the course comprises teaching weeks, interspersed with sessions of play designed to reinforce the topics being taught.

The Advanced Learner classes start on Friday 5 October 2018 and run for ten weeks. 

They are suitable for Club players and those who have completed the SBU course.

All sessions are from 1-30 to 3-30pm on Fridays. Please note that the course is a full package, and costs £60 for the 10 weeks – a real bargain! Places are limited to 36.

Further details of the topics being covered and an application form can be found by clicking HERE.

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  Some Bridge DOs and DON'Ts

An occasional series of articles for newer (and some experienced) players.

The use of the STOP card during the auction.

A lot of players, even some quite experienced ones, seem unfamiliar with the laws and regulations concerning the use of the bidding box. So here are some important DOs and DON’Ts concerning the STOP card.

The Stop Card: This must be used whenever you make a jump opening bid a, jump re-bid, a jump response or a jump overcall.

  • DO use it before making your bid
  • DO take the card fully out of the bidding box and lay it flat on the table
  • DON’T put it back until ten seconds have passed after you have made your bid

The STOP card is used to give left-hand opponents legitimate thinking time before making their bid. This is especially important when an opponent has a close decision between a pass and a bid.

The purpose of the STOP card is not to ‘wake up’ your partner.

The left-hand opponent should not make a bid until the STOP card has been returned to the bidding box.

Remember, when a player thinks for a long time and then passes, their partner comes under some pressure to bid ethically. They can be bid, provided they would have made the same bid had their partner passed ‘in-tempo’.


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