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Tip of the week

Asking Questions

You may only ask a question about the bidding or play when it is your turn to bid or play. However, players should not routinely ask questions during the auction unless the possible answer(s) so given could affect their own action(s) during the auction. If you have no intention of bidding, wait until the end of the auction before asking any questions, and then only after your partner has chosen his lead, should he be the person on lead. Asking questions may influence your partners thinking.

Jeff's Back o'cards Corner

Jeff Bond has put together a collection of interesting 'double dummy' play problems. Click on the link below to see his first offering.

Can you solve this hand?

Membership Application Form

If you would like to join the New Melville Bridge Club you can download an application form by clicking on this article.

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Our Dedicated Teaching Room

The New Melville Bridge Club was delighted to move into a new clubhouse last year. The building has now been completely refurbished giving the club some superb playing facilities including two dedicated match rooms, a teaching room and a large open playing area that accommodates twenty eight tables.

The club is located close to Edinburgh Zoo and has many buses stopping outside. Parking is also very easy and convenient.

Enjoy your bridge!
Alan Goodman - Chairman


Hand of the Week

South is defending against 3NT after the following auction.

W       E

1      1 

1♠      1NT


What should South lead?

This hand cropped up recently in a match pointed event at the club. At the table South chose to lead the 10♣ which came round to my Jack. After perusing dummy I could only see a further 5 top tricks! I then ducked a small  around to North hoping that they would split 3 -3. North now unwisely cashed his A♣ and continued with the Q♣. That put pressure on his partner who eventually had to find three discards on the ♣ suit when I knocked out North's fourth ♣ to establish a winning club in hand. South has to hang on to her red suits but failed to do so allowing me to scramble nine tricks for a very undeserved top!

West should definately not raise 1NT to 3NT. At best he should invite game with a bid of 2NT and even that is very dubious as the odds of partner having a maximum nine points for the 1NT bid are three to one against. I would have passed with the West hand.

South has a difficult choice of lead. The ♣ ten does no harm as long as North doesnt continue the suit when he is in. A low ♠  would have been my choice. Now declarer will not be able to set up club winners and as the red suits are not splitting 3 - 3, 7 tricks will be the limit.

More Al Fresco Bridge at the New Melville
More Al Fresco Bridge at the New Melville

Bridge novices enjoying a gentle teams game in the warm July sunshine in the car park under the watchful eye of Assistant Club Manager Anne Perkins.

Club Information

There are bridge sessions five days of the week Monday through to Friday. Most are in the evening starting at 7.00 but there are afternoon sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays

 The sessions include beginners' events, gentle social games and regular club competitions. For a number of our sessions you can turn up without a partner and be guaranteed a game. 

Full details can be found in the information section of the menu.

Boards are duplimated and hand records are available immediately after play as well as on our website.

Computer scoring is used in conjunction with wireless Bridgemate tabletop boxes.

There is a break for refreshments when tea and coffee is served.

The New Melville Bridge Club

Is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity.
Our Company Registration Number is: SC 437291
Our R
egistered Office is at 1 Pinkhill, Edinburgh EH12 7BA.

Telephone: 0131 334 4467

Our Charity Registration number is: SCO 043594, 

The Club is affiliated to the Scottish Bridge Union and the SBU East District.

Bridge Tuition

Bridge tuition is organised by the teaching arm of our club, The Melville Bridge Academy. Click here to view our poster or click on the link in the main menu for full details of our courses.

Bridge Tuition
Last updated : 8th Jul 2014 14:55 BST
Classes Start 22 September

Click on this article to downoad an application form which has details of the days, times and prices.

Last updated : 27th Jul 2014 11:33 BST
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