General Rules
General Rules

Note - The undernoted 'Rules' serve to remind members and guide new members and guests concerning some basic rules governing the conduct of duplicate bridge sessions held by the Club. Newent Bridge Club is affiliated to the GCBA and the EBU and all play is governed by 'The Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge' issued by the EBU

  1. Arrival - Members are asked to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start times of 7pm on Wednesday and 7:15pm on Friday. The Director will strive to accommodate late arrivals, but they cannot always be guaranteed a game. Tournaments will be organised using pre-dealt hands and should not be shuffled or dealt. Table money should be made available for collection before the start of play.

  2. Responsibilities - The player sitting north is the host at the table and is responsible for recording the Table number and each Players' EBU numbers on the BridgeMate. This information should be shown to and checked by East who is jointly responsible. North is also responsible for ensuring that any activity at the table, whether spoken or physical, is conducted as quietly as possible.

  3. Before Play starts - On arrival at a new table and before play starts, North and East should check they are sitting at the right table and in the correct compass position with the correct boards. North is also responsible for moving the Boards to the table at which they are to be played next. Boards are always played in chronological sequence unless the Director has ruled otherwise.

  4. Convention Cards - Players should make available at the table their convention cards showing the bidding conventions in use by their partnership. Partners' cards must contain the same information.

  5. Bidding Boxes - Calls, including passes, are laid on the table from left to right in such a way that all bids can be seen at the end of bidding. The bidding should not be removed from the table until the opening lead has been made, face down and any questions have been asked and answered appropriately.

  6. Scoring - At the end of the play of each Board, North records the contract, lead and result on the BridgeMate. This information has to be verified and accepted by East.

  7. Irregularities - If a player is not sure whether there has been a play or bidding irregularity or is worried about any aspect of the bidding or play, the Director must be called. The Director is there to help in any way he/she can. PLEASE NOTE no rulings may be made at the table without the Director being present.

  8. End of Play - At the end of play, players should remain seated until advised by the Director. North is responsible for delivering the Duplimate and table card to the Director. The other players are expected to assist in clearing away (removing the cloth, packing up the bidding boxes, putting away tables, chairs etc.

  9. Unplayed boards - If, for any reason, a table has been held up through slow play and is unable to finish its boards on time, such unplayed board or boards may be completed during the break or at the end of play. The Director, at his/her discretion, may decide to award average scores on unplayed boards.