Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Welcome to Newcastle Bridge Club

Newcastle Bridge Club - Founded in 1935

 Affiliated to the EBU & to the NEBA

Visitors Welcome.

The Club meets on Wednesdays at 7 p.m

West Denton Association in Main Hall (Upstairs)

(please be seated by 6.55 pm)

Map on Information page

Last updated : 2nd Feb 2017 17:49 GMT
Inter Club 1 Sunday 7th October 2018

Away Matches Start 2.00 p.m.

Castle Morpeth A vs Newcastle A

Desmond Dunleavy & Tim Oakley

Ian Rich & Keith Patrick

Ruth Turner & Ann Hopper

George Jackson & Mike Lynch

Brunton C vs Newcastle B

Joe Cocker & Carole Newton

Harold Wells & Allan Hoggan

Penny Bailey & Andrew Wood

Steve Sansom & Liz Emmerson

Last updated : 16th Sep 2018 18:23 BST

Leader of the Grand Prix 2018 at the end of  AUGUST 2018 is Frank Springett with 120 GP points,

followed by Brenda Osborne(119), with Brian Lumsden(63), Peter Avery(52), Isi Mitrani(49), Janet Angel & Mike Craig(47) & Peter Rodgerson(34).

The Grand Prix 2017 was won by Frank Springett with 186 GP points and 2016 with 173 GP points.. 

Runner-up 2017 was Brenda Osborne(171) with Isi Mitrani(146), Brian Lumsden(88), Peter Avery(64) and Guy Herzmark(63).


Last updated : 6th Sep 2018 23:50 BST
Club Pairs 1834
Director: Ian Rich
Scorer: Michael Lynch
Gazette Cup Heat
Director: Frank Springett
Scorer: Anne Hauxwell
Club Pairs 1832
Director: Ian Rich
Scorer: Anne Hauxwell
23rd Sep 2018
NEBA Senior Pairs
Whitley Bay 2.p.m.
26th Sep 2018
Chroncle Cup Heat
Director: Freda Simpkin
3rd Oct 2018
Director: Ian Rich