Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Welcome to Newcastle Bridge Club

Newcastle Bridge Club - Founded in 1935

 Affiliated to the EBU & to the NEBA

Visitors Welcome.

The Club meets on Wednesdays at 7 p.m

West Denton Association in Main Hall (Upstairs)

(please be seated by 6.55 pm)

Map on Information page

Last updated : 2nd Feb 2017 17:49 GMT
Inter Club Teams

Members interested in playing for Newcastle please contact Mike Lynch

The teams of eight matches are played

on five specified Sundays throughout the year



Last updated : 18th Jul 2018 16:21 BST

Leader of the Grand Prix 2018 at the end of  JUNE 2018 is Frank Springett with 93 GP points,

followed by Brenda Osborne(92), with Brian Lumsden(44), Janet Angel & Mike Craig(41),Peter Avery& Isi Mitrani(35).

The Grand Prix 2017 was won by Frank Springett with 186 GP points and 2016 with 173 GP points..

Runner-up 2017 was Brenda Osborne(171) with Isi Mitrani(146), Brian Lumsden(88), Peter Avery(64) and Guy Herzmark(63).


Last updated : 29th Jun 2018 09:00 BST
Club Pairs 1825
Director: FredaSimpkin
Scorer: Anne Hauxwell
Clubpairs 1824
Director: Anne
Scorer: Anne Hauxwell
Club Pairs 1823
Director: Ian Rich
Scorer: Anne Hauxwell
25th Jul 2018
Director: Frank Springett
1st Aug 2018
Director: Ann Caygill
8th Aug 2018
Director: Ann Caygill