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20th Mar 2018 22:28 GMT
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Notifying Late Arrival

Call club mobile by 7.25pm  if you are running late on 0743 743 7943


For all enquiries and suggestions, contact
Nigel Wolfendale
Tel: 01494 723092


Welcome to the New Amersham Bridge Club
Welcome to our Website

We hold good standard weekly Duplicate Bridge in a spacious hall
at the New Amersham Polish Club on Tuesday evenings. 

Pre-dealt boards are used for all sessions, with hand records provided. 
Bridgemates are used, so the result is known soon after the last board is played.
The result is published on this website at latest the next day.

We operate a host system which guarantees a partner on regular Pairs nights
 but this facility is not available for the occasional special event.

Visitors are welcome and may play on club championship evenings but are not eligible to win such events. They are welcome to apply for membership.

We enter two teams in our County's League of Eight. 

The Polish Club has a bar which may be used by our Members and we provide free tea, coffee and biscuits.
Improver's Trophy & Tara's Salver

The end of February results for the Improver's trophy and Tara's Salver are now available in the Competitions menu.

Club Pairs
Director: Nigel Wolfendale
Host: David Killick
Club Pairs Championship for the Tyrell Cup
Director: Steve Gore
Host: Nigel Thompson
Club Pairs
Director: don Collier
Host: Callum McKail
Club Teams Championship for The Waller Cup
Director: David Beever
Host: No Host
Club Pairs
Director: Nick Doe
Host: Eva Wallen
22nd Mar 2018
Lo8 Austenwood A v NABC A
27th Mar 2018
VP Teams for the Pat Husband Cup
Director: David Beever
Host: Nigel Wolfendale
3rd Apr 2018
Club Pairs
Host: Charles King-Farlow
4th Apr 2018
Lo8 Loddon Vale A v NABC A
5th Apr 2018
Lo8 NABC B v Austenwood A
10th Apr 2018
Club Pairs
11th Apr 2018
Lo8 Thame A v NABC B
17th Apr 2018
Club Pairs