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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Telephone Calls/Honor System

Recently there have been a number of telephone ringings during the Bridge game.  It is okay to get an emergency call but you should notify the director.    A slight change in procedure will have the offender use the honor system to remit the $1.00.  Just go to the directors table and pay the dollar.

Last updated : Nov 30, 2017 14:40 EST

There’s an expression that truth is stranger than fiction and that saying was borne out in spades in a recent NCBC game.

 With a balanced 13 HCP in first seat I opened 1 Club.  LHO bid 1 Spade, my partner offered 2 Diamonds (game forcing), RHO passed, and with KQx in Spades I bid 2NT. Partner bid 3NT and RHO pulled the Red Card from the bidding box. She glanced at the card and with a horrified look said, “What am I thinking about, “ and promptly passed.

 LHO led the SA and partner tabled a nifty 12 count with six lovely Diamonds. I won the Spade continuation and led a low Diamond to dummy. Now the fun began. LHO “ruffed” a diamond with the HA. Since she didn’t have any Diamonds she had to follow with her ace. Not to be outdone, RHO “ruffed” the next Diamond with the HK. Once again her King had to be played.  If only I had known that my QJ10 of Hearts would promote to winners. A successful Club finesse to my AQ completed the romp.

 I took 12 tricks missing 2 Aces and 2 Kings. Partner said we should have bid 6NT!!!  Don’t you just love this game.

Sincerely, Jim Somma

Last updated : Nov 16, 2017 09:43 EST
How to Find a Partner

Need a partner for today? next Monday??  or how about Tuesday or Thursday? Or a month from now???


Well, there maybe more than one way to get a partner. Let’s take a couple of examples.


Option 1 - any day of the week and you use email and NCBC website

  1. Steps are:
  2. Go to NCBC website
  3. Select Members Only and then login if required.
  4. There are two scroll bars within the next screen. Using the scroll bar on the right , scroll down until the calendar day you looking for a partner display. Then use the Calendar Scroll Bar to find the day.  
  5. Check the first box next to day you are looking for a partner.
  6. Click Confirm Button at bottom of page.
  7. Your name will display next to date and an email has been sent to email address,
  8.      will broadcast an email to members saying that you need a partner.



Members looking for partners will be displayed.  Call or email the person.

Remove the request after the day has past.


Option 2 - no email or web access

  1. Call Gary Emke @ (727) 215-7651 or Marj Talbott @ (352) 666-7281.  Your information will be emailed as Partner Request.


Option 3 - Tuesday and Wednesday only

Just show up. We try to have a Guaranteed Partner available.


This is not for every day, just last minute searches.

If you use this service quite often, why not volunteer to be the standby person.  Tell the Director you would like to volunteer.


Option 4 - Thursdays

Sames as Option 1 except that if you say 299 group, your request will be emailed only to 299 players.



Good luck and happy bridge

Last updated : Oct 14, 2017 18:13 EDT