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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

  Club Meeting 25th January

There will be a Club Meeting on Monday the 25th of January. Time?

Last updated : 22nd Jan 2016 14:22 GMT
  New Novice Bridge Club formed

Congratulations to the new Bridge Club which came into existence on Tuesday 9th September 2014. Their name is the Maudins Bridge Club and they meet each Tuesday night at .... answers on a postcard please

Last updated : 22nd Jan 2016 13:30 GMT
  How the handicaps were generated

Please Click above

Last updated : 13th Jan 2016 22:55 GMT
  Cunningham Leage Final

Why not emjoy playing Bridge followed by meal and support your team in the Cunningham League final

Click here for details


Last updated : 21st Apr 2014 22:01 BST
  Accessing your results

Dear Member,

You have been set up with your email address and your first name as the password. If you have been unsuccessful in accessing your results or if you want to change your password do the following:-

Select a recent result and the system will request your password

Select Forgotten Password. The system will send a link to your email address

Click on the link or copy and paste it into the top line of your browser

You will ne be invited to enter your new password twice (2nd time is to verify it)


Last updated : 16th Mar 2014 22:52 GMT
  Questionnaire detailed results

For those who want to see the results of the questionnaire Click here to see the pdf

Last updated : 13th Mar 2014 22:31 GMT
  Leixlip Charity Event - Sun 2nd Feb 2014

Please click for PDF of event

Last updated : 26th Jan 2014 20:04 GMT
  Winners Monday 20th Jan 2014

Well done to tonight’s winners. It is nice to see some new names emerging.


1st: Liz Kelly and Rose Murray
2nd: Sheila Daly and Valerie Giles
3rd: Jimmy Cox and Mary McCabe


1st: Kay Delaney and Helen Buckley
2nd: Majella Brennan and Kitty McCreevy
3rd: Des and Martha Donagh

Last updated : 26th Jan 2014 19:53 GMT
  Committee Meeting Report 22nd Jan 2014

Some updates from our Committee meeting earlier this week.

1.        The Club has 61 members (with two awaiting registration) and we consider we are at full capacity.

2.        We are purchasing bidding boxes and up to 4 tables and new playing cards.

3.        Feedback from members suggests satisfaction with current management with a very good atmosphere prevailing

4.        Careful consideration was given to implementing a handicapping system but while we are conscious that some people wish to improve at a greater pace than others believe it is not appropriate considering we are all Novice level.

5.        There was mixed feedback on our Team Bridge night with some reporting it to be somewhat stressful. We concluded that this was largely due to their being exposed to it for the first time but that it added to members’ knowledge of the game.

6.        The suggestion of the club being involved in the Simultaneous Pairs event on 3rd February didn’t receive overall backing and it was decided to defer to next year.

7.        It was agreed that we would have a Charity Night on 7 April – no prizes on the night but the winners nominating the charities.

8.        President’s Prize will take place on 12th May.

9.        The Club is in a healthy financial position.

10.        The club website will be This is currently being registered and members will be notified when it goes live.

11.        We will be interested in member feedback on the contents of the website and plan to issue a questionnaire to members regarding the website and the club itself.

Last updated : 26th Jan 2014 19:51 GMT
  Our first Team Competition

Not sure if everyone is quite over the excitement of Monday night's team event! Afraid my team flattered to deceive - great start but not so good finish. But it offered a nice change and some exposure to team events structure. Thanks to Bert and Marian for their excellent work in managing the event. Apologies to those who felt the event went on a little late. This was very much down to our inexperience of the event and the scoring. Well done to all the prizewinners.

Next Monday it's back to the usual form of play. We won't have either Bert or Marian on the evening.

Well done to our 2 teams for the excellent showing in the Cunningham League on Sunday last.

Best wishes.


Last updated : 21st Jan 2014 23:20 GMT
  Follow our teams in Westmanstown

If you would like to keep track of how our two teams are doing in the Cunningham League at Westmanstown you can do so by clicking on the Useful Links on the menu to the left of your screen.

Then select Mid Leinster Region website. When you get there scroll down and select the Novice Standings


Last updated : 21st Jan 2014 23:15 GMT
  Christmas Party


Little did I think that Naas Trumps was populated not just with proficient bridge players but also with entertainers par excellence who (for a modest fee) topped off a wonderful evening with great renditions of old classics.

I very much appreciate the effort everyone made to attend on the night and to contribute to making it a highly successful first formal dinner for the club. Who knows where we might take it from here?

Thanks to Anne Bennett for her excellent organisation , to our President, Pat Madden, to Lawlor's Hotel and to all who contributed in your own individual ways on the evening. We were delighted to be joined by Bert and Marian who have played such a significant role in the development of the club.

Wishing you all and your families a wonderful Christmas and may 2014 bring many successful contracts made and defensive ploys of uncanny skill.


Last updated : 17th Dec 2013 23:11 GMT