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Zero Tolerance
Welcome to Myrtle Beach Duplicate Bridge Association
Locations & Game Schedules

We will be holding our LONGEST DAY events at Myrtle Beach on Thursday, June 21, 2018 and at Sunset Beach on Friday, June 22, 2018. There will be two pairs games at each location and you must keep the same partner for both events and play in both events. 

The games will start at 9 am and will have a lunch break around noon. The games should be finished about 4 pm. Further details will be forthcoming.


The Fees for bridge are $8 for all games for members and $9 for STAC games for members. The charge for non-members will be a $1 more. The fee for membership is $15 for period April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

The Sunset Beach bridge game will now be at SeaTrail Maples Clubhouse at 210 Clubhouse Road, Sunset Beach, NC

 Myrtle Beach Duplicate Bridge Club 0-50 Points pay $1 in Saturday game only

"How to beat the "A" players" lessons given by John Shannonhouse on Saturdays at 11 am

Tuesday 10:15 AM--bring lunch

Thursday 12 Noon 

Saturday 12 Noon--Mini Lesson begins at 11 AM

Larry Paul Bridge Center                  

7951 Hwy 544                                     .
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588                          
843-236-6976                                          Map

1 Sunset Beach Bridge Club 


Monday 10 AM- Do Not Bring Lunch-Buffet Lunch $8.95

Friday 10 AM -Do Not  Bring Lunch-Buffet Lunch $8.95

Sea Trails Maples Clubhouse

210 Clubhouse Road, Sunset Beach, NC



Holden Beach Bridge Club

Tuesday 9:30 AM

Holden Beach Town Hall                    
110 Rothschild Street                          
Holden Beach, NC 28461                        Map .

 Visit Pawley's Island Bridge Club for additional games.

Partnership Desk

Contact Pam Bank at or call 703-472-9617 with the following information:

1) Name, email address and phone number(s)
2) Date and location (Myrtle Beach 544, Sunset Beach, Holden Beach) where you desire to play
3) Optional - masterpoint requirement, system played, etc.

Please allow 2 days (48 hours) for routing of emails and responses. 

Tournaments & Special Games


18th June 2018
Sunset Beach Club Championship Game
10:00 am
19th June 2018
Holden Beach Club Championship games
Town Hall, Holden Beach 9:30 am
19th June 2018
Myrtle Beach Club Championship Game
Hwy 544 Myrtle Beach 10:15 am
21st June 2018
Myrtle Beach Longest Day
Hwy 544 Myrtle Beach 12 noon
22nd June 2018
Sunset Beach Longest Day
Sunset Beach, NC 10:00 AM
Saturday Morning Pairs
Director: Eleanor McIntyr
Sunset Beach NAP Game
Director: Tom Byrne
Myrtle Beach NAP Game
Director: Terry Heatwole
Holden Beach NAP Game
Director: Tom Byrne