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Club Constitution & History



  1. The Club shall be called “Mount Sackville Past Pupils’ Bridge Club”.
  2. The management and control of the Club shall be vested in a Committee, which shall consist of a President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and four Ordinary Members.
  3. The President shall be elected by the outgoing Committee and shall not serve for more than three years at any one time.
  4. The Members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, which shall be held not later than the lst November every year.
  5. A Member shall not be eligible for election to the Committee unless the current Annual Subscription has been paid up and has also been a Member for two years before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  6. The Committee shall comprise of three Past Pupils and four other Members.If there are insufficient Past Pupils nominations, the vacant place(s) may be filled by other Member(s).
  7. The Committee shall have powers to fill vacancies occurring in their numbers during the year.
  8. Five Members of the Committee shall form a quorum at a Committee Meeting.
  9. Candidates for election must be proposed by one Member and seconded by another.
  10. The annual subscription for Members shall be set by the Committee.All subscriptions shall be payable in advance of the lst November each year.Any member whose subscription is in arrears at the end of the Bridge Year automatically ceases to be a Member of the Club.
  11. The Committee shall cause accounts and books to be kept, showing the financial affairs, receipts and disbursements of the Club.When all club expenses have been met and after retaining a nominal sum towards meeting outlays in the following year any remaining monies should be used for St. Joseph of Cluny Missions except where the Committee decide to donate to other charitable causes. These other charitable causes to be limited to one per year.
  12. Admission of new Club Members shall be at the discretion of the Committee, which will have power to limit membership numbers, where necessary.
  13. Suggestions, or queries, shall be made only in writing to the Honorary Secretary, who shall have them dealt with by the Committee
Club History & Past Presidents


Mount Sackville Past Pupils Bridge Club was founded in September, 1989 in response to an appeal by the Past Pupils Committee to raise funds for the Sisters of Cluny overseas missions.

The founding members were the late Mary Walshe, Brenda Carey and Eileen Dwyer. The late Mary Walshe was the leading light in the Club and to honour Mary’s dedication to the Club the Mary Walshe Harvest Competition is held in her memory for which Mary’s husband Paddy donated a perpetual trophy

The Club commenced with classes given by Niall Collier. Mount Sackville Convent was the first venue for the Club which subsequently moved to the Community Centre in Blanchardstown and is now located in the Vineyard, Main Street, Blanchardstown.

All monies raised from the Club’s Charity Day and any excess money during the year goes to the Sisters of Cluny Missions in East Africa.  The projects funded are Education and Health and the nun in East Africa forwards a yearly detailed account of the expenditure of these funds to the Club.

The proceeds of the Summer Bridge goes to local causes mainly Hospice Dublin 15 and the Blanchardstown Conference of the Vincent de Paul.




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