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Membership fee €15



at 8pm



Congratulations to our new President

Liam Doherty 

and wish him well in his year in office

and to President Elect 

Lorraine Byrne



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The Club shall be known as the “Moville Bridge Club”.




The objective of the club shall be the playing and promotion of Bridge in accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge as promulgated by the World Bridge Federation.





Membership shall be open to both ladies and gentlemen.  Each candidate for membership must be approved by a majority vote of the Committee. 


Membership then becomes effective on payment of Annual Subscription.  The Annual Subscription shall become due on September 1st. Members who have not paid their Annual Subscription by 31st December in any year will be deemed to have lapsed their membership and must re-apply. A reduced Annual Subscription fee, the amount having been set by the committee, will be paid by those joining after February 1st.


The Club welcomes guests or visitors.  Table money must be paid, but they are not eligible to play in major competitions. Visitors may play for a maximum of four ordinary competitions in the one season, before being required to apply for membership. In the summer, between June 1st. and September 1st., visitors may play as frequently as they like but are not eligible to play in major competitions.


Beginners may play in the club in the year in which they attend lessons without paying the Annual Subscription fee. They will not be eligible to play in major competitions.


Members will not be eligible to play in major competitions unless they have already played in at least two ordinary competitions in the same season.


In the event of any member acting in such a manner as to bring the club into disrepute or to disrupt the smooth running of the club or the enjoyment of other members, the committee shall have the right to reprimand such a member, and to warn them as to their future conduct.  This may be done verbally or in writing.  If the said member should continue to so act, the committee shall cancel such person’s membership and refund their Annual Subscription for that year.




4. (A) Organisation and Management


The care of and responsibility for the proper administration of the Moville Bridge Club shall be vested in Committee.  They shall interpret and administer this Constitution and the playing rules of bridge as promulgated by the World Bridge Federation.  The Committee must ensure that they do not act or allow members to act, in any manner which would militate against Beginner, Novice or Intermediate “B” grades, and that they carry out the objectives of the club at all times. 




  1. The Management Committee shall control the club. The Management Committee shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, which shall be held in April or May.


  2. The Committee shall put into effect all Resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting and shall make such Regulations as they shall from time to time see fit, provided that such Regulations shall not alter, amend or repeal any Regulations embodied in this Constitution.


  3. The committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, the out-going President, the Tournament Director and four Committee Members.


  4. The Vice-President of the previous year shall be installed as President and shall nominate the new Vice-President at the A.G.M. each year. All Committee members must be elected by ballot each year. In the event of insufficient nominations being posted, to create a vote, the committee must put forward extra nominations to create a ballot. All ballots are by simple majority and the President shall have a casting vote.


  5. The committee have the right to co-opt any member should a vacancy occur


  6. For any valid meeting of the above committee, there shall be at least five persons present.


  7. The committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees where necessary.  The President shall ex-officio be a member of every committee.


  8. All decisions reached at meetings of the club shall be by simple majority and the Chair shall have a casting vote in the event of a deadlock.




  1. (C) OFFICES.


  1. The President shall preside over all affairs of the club and shall at all times be afforded the courtesy that the office demands.  The President may preside over all or particular meetings of the club by expressing such a wish.


    (B) The Vice-President will substitute for the President.


  2. The President shall liaise with the Hon. Sec., Hon. Treasurer and other Officers to ensure the wishes and decisions of the Committee are carried out, with particular emphasis on Competitions and communications.


  3. One week’s notice of Committee meetings will be given, except in exceptional circumstances.


    (D)The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer shall administer the affairs of the club as laid down at the Annual General Meeting and shall furnish all reports to the Annual General Meeting.


    (E) Tournament Directors shall be appointed by a General Meeting and shall run

          Competitions in accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.




    The committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time and must call one at the request, in writing, of one-third of the members of the club.




    Alterations, amendments or changes to the Constitution shall be made only at a General Meeting of the members and shall require a two-third majority vote of the members present and voting at the meeting.


    4. (F) Annual General Meeting


    Notice of the date fixed for the meeting shall be announced to the Club two weeks preceding the Annual General Meeting.  Nominations and Resolutions must be announced before the start of the AGM. A quorum of at least 30% of members must be present at any AGM or EGM.








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