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JANET MACEY UPDATE.  We are pleased to let you know that Janet is now at Toronto Rehab, 550 University Ave. She is able to come home on occasion.

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Welcome to Monday Club
Monday Duplicate Club Dues/Renewal 2018-2019


Please be advised that the annual dues for the upcoming season will remain at $80. It would be most helpful to receive your payment by May 1st.  Should you decide to resign your membership in the club, please advise the Membership Secretary, Gail Williams your earliest convenience.  We are fortunate to have a healthy waiting list of potential members who are eager to join us.

As your executive, we have a responsibility to ensure the Club continues to operate on a sound financial basis.  Your annual dues pay a portion of the weekly rent at Leaside Gardens, the insurance, stationery, bridge supplies and mailing costs as well as other miscellaneous expenses relating to the operation of the Club. The weekly playing fee covers the balance of the rent and compensates our wonderful Director and his team.  We are very fortunate to have Lee Daugherty as our Director and coach.  

The minimum number of plays from the period June 1 to May 31 will remain at 10. 

Should you feel unable to meet this commitment, you may request a Leave of Absence, for a period of up to two years, during which time you may play as a guest 5 times during the 12 month period noted above.

This has been a challenging year for all of us and I sincerely appreciate your participation and support over the past few months.


Wendy McLaughlin



Please renew my membership in the Monday Duplicate Club for 2018-2019.

Enclosed is my cheque in the amount of $80 payable to THE MONDAY DUPLICATE CLUB

NAME_________________________________________   Tel # __________________________

Address_______________________________________________ Apt # ___________________

Postal Code ________________

E-mail address ______________________________________ 

I have verified my personal information on the Members Section of the Club’s website. Required corrections are circled above.

Mail to: Mary Hatch, 80 Rosedale Heights Drive, Toronto, M4T 1C5

Finding a partner (NEW)

Our web site allows members to "advertise" to other members that they are looking for a partner for a particular date. Once a member has posted their request, other members can easily see who is looking for a partner and communicate with that preson. Once you and your partner have agreed to play on the specified date, the member who created the posting must remove it (unless they want to continuously hear from members looking for partners.)

♠    You can also call Kathy Crossgrove @ 416-961-5436    ♣ 

Post a request

If you need a partner for an upcoming game, click "Members only" and then log in. (See Web site help for Members Only log in instructions.) You can also click the "Find a Partner" button in the menu on the left side of the screen.

  1. Click the "Find a partner" tab at the top of the screen. The "Monday Club - Bookings" screen will appear. All of the future games will be listed.
  2. Ensure that at least one of the check boxes (see image to the right) is checked. This controls what contact information is displayed to people looking for a partner.  
  3. Scroll down to the game for which you need a partner.
  4. Click the check box (in the "Partner required" column). BE SURE YOU HAVE SELECTED THE CORRECT GAME DATE.
  5. IMPORTANT: Click the Confirm button. (There is one at the top and one at the bottom of this screen.)
  6. Check to ensure your request was posted by clicking on the "Find a partner" tab at the top of the screen or the "Find a partner" button in the menu on the Home screen.

Here is a sample listing from the "Reservations/Requests" page showing the date and time the notice was posted:

See if anyone is looking for a partner

Do one of the following:

  1. If the date is displayed on the Home page, you will see (Partner?) displayed below the game date. This indicates that someone is looking for a partner for that date. Click on the (Partner?) link to open the  "Reservations / Requests" screen (which will open after you have logged into the Members Only area.) See Web site help for log in instructions.
  2. If the game date is NOT yet displayed on the Home page, click the Calendar menu button on the left side of the screen and scroll down to the date for which you need a partner. The (Partner?) link will be displayed beside the date.
  3. Click the "Find a partner" button in the menu on the left side of the screen. Log into the Member Only area and then the "Reservations / Requests" screen will appear. The "Partner required" section of this screen will list all of the people looking for partners - sorted by game date.

Once you have identified your prospective partner, you can phone them or easily send them an e-mail by clicking on their name. (If they have elected not to receive e-mails then clicking the name will have no effect.) If the person searching for a partner has elected to display their phone number(s) they will be shown.

Recording that you have found a partner

  This can only be done by the member who originally entered the posting.  

Unless you want to keep hearing from people responding to your posting, you must remove your "Find a partner" entry. To do this, log into the "Members only" area and follow the instructions above for "Posting a request." However, instead of adding a checkbox beside the game date, you are going to remove the check box. Then click the Confirm button. (There is one at the top and one at the bottom of this screen.)





10 Plays

REMEMBER:  Members need to play 10 times between the beginning of June and the end of May.

Exiting the Parking Lot

Please note that the road coming into the parking lot at Leaside Memorial Gardens on the north side is a two way street.  

The easternmost lane is for incoming cars.  Today a number of our members were trying to exit and turn left from this lane, preventing other users from entering the parking lot.

Marg Shaw

Please be aware that Marg Shaw is in hospital and won't be able to play in the immediate future.  If you have a game booked with Marg, please check first to avoid disappointment.

Marg, we hope you are soon better and able to play some bridge.

Leaside Memorial Gardens

1073 Millwood Rd

Click HERE to see the location on Google Maps.

Click to see the Leaside Memorial Gardens web site.


30th April 2018
Spring Series #6
7th May 2018
Bosley Trophy #1
 Click for more information
14th May 2018
Spring Series #7
21st May 2018
Victoria Day - No game
Spring Series #5
Director: Lee Daugherty
Spring Series #3
Director: Lee Daugherty
Spring Series #2
Director: Lee Daugherty