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CONGRATULATIONS to Marian Thompson who has achieved her gold life master award - 2500 points!!!

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Welcome to Monday Club
This Week's News - January 15, 2018

1.  The list of new seasonal members is available by the sign in station or on-line.

2.  Please remember that this is a scent free game.

3.  Instructions on how to use the members only portion of the web site will be emailed on Tuesday.

4.  A special congratulations to Marian Thompson on achieving her gold life master award.

5.  Please check your contact information (address, email address and phone number) and make sure it is correct.  


Need A Partner?

♠    Call Kathy Crossgrove @ 416-961-5436    ♣ 

Introducing our new and improved web site

Members only features (revised)

The contact information for all members is stored in the site database. However, unless you have provided the club with your current e-mail address, you will not be able to log into the "Members only" area of the site. The "Members only" features of the site allow you to:

  1. Find contact information for all members. You can even click on a member's e-mail address (and follow the screen prompts) to easily send them an e-mail.
  2. Update your personal information and site options.
  3. Use the "Find a Partner" feature. (Details to be published soon.)
  4. Get important information such as the Club constitution and how to nominate a new member.

To access the "Members only" area, click on either of the "Members only" buttons: one is in the upper right corner and the other is in the list of menu items on the left hand side. When the Member login screen appears, enter the e-mail address that you have given the Club and then follow the directions on the right side of the Login screen. Note that you cannot log in using your name or your ACBL number: we are not using these web site features.

If you get a message "You are not registered" then you will need to contact the Membership executive to get yourself registered. (To see the contact information of the current executive committee members, click the "Information" button in the menu on the left side of the screen, then click the "Committee" button.)

When you have logged in, look at the tabs along the top of your screen.

Member lists (and contacting members)

Here you can see three member lists: regular members, seasonal members and honorary members. To find the contact information for a member, click on the tab for the appropriate member list and start typing either their first or last name in the search box at the top of the screen.

Note that a member's e-mail address may not be listed. Ths is because they have elected not to have their e-mail address listed on the site. Note also that the e-mail addresses that are displayed have a space on either side of the @ sign. This is to prevent malicious web "bots" using these e-mail addresses.

To quickly send an e-mail to someone, click their e-mail address and follow the screen prompts.

Find a partner

Another tab at the top of the members only screen is "Find a partner." More on this later.

Modify your stored information

The next tab at the top is "Account." You will use this to update your contact details (address, phones, e-mail address and preferences, etc.).

Web admin

Some members may see a "WebAdmin" tab on the top of their screen. This is used to access those administrative aspects of the web site to which you have been given access.

Other member only information

When you enter the "Members only" area, you will see one or more buttons below the "Members" button on the left side of the screen. Currently the only button here is the "Important information" button which has the information required to nominate new members for our club.


Up to four dates of the current month will be displayed in the upper right corner of the Home page. If you want to see more dates, click on the Calendar button in the menu on the left hand side. All of the future events that have been entered by the site Administrator will appear. To see just the dates for any given month, click on the Calendar Month button. Scroll from month to month by clicking the left or right arrow keys at the top of the screen.

For some dates, you will see a (Reservation) link below the calendar entry. This means that you must reserve your spot at the event. To do this, click on the (Reservations) link and follow the on screen instructions.

For some events, you will see a "More Info" link below the calendar entry. Click this link to see important information about the event.


22nd January 2018
Winter Series #3
29th January 2018
Regular game
5th February 2018
Winter series #5
12th February 2018
Winter Series #6
Winter Series #2
Director: Lee Daugherty
Winter series #1
Director: Lee Daugherty
Christmas Luncheon
Director: Patti Lee