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Welcome to Monday Club






Helen Craig

I am very sorry to advise that Helen Craig, a long time, dedicated member of the club has passed away after a lengthy illness.  

There is no public religious service; however, there is a reception on Monday June 18th at 2:30PM at the Granite Club, 2350 Bayview Avenue, west side just north of Lawrence Avenue.  Guests  should tell the garage attendant they are attending the Craig reception.

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Announcement to the Monday Duplicate Bridge Club from the Points Secretary, Jennifer Thompson 

On behalf of the Executive, I wanted to inform you that we have made the decision to retire 6 of our 9 trophies. This decision was not taken lightly, having great respect for the long history of the club.  

In recent years, we have had some challenges related to the trophies.  Two are badly broken and would require us to purchase a replacement.  Several need to be repaired as the silver is dented or the wooden base is chipped in places, again requiring further expenditure.  Many trophy winners are reluctant to take them home, to store or display them.  4 of the 9 trophies are currently in my basement because the winners did not pick them up last June.   Before making our decision, we reached out to the trophy winners from the last 4 years and received their full support.  We also sought out Barbara Seagram’ advice.     

We are retaining the competitions themselves, the names of the individuals after whom they were named, and the award of free plays associated with winning or coming in second.   We will post an update on the website for each competition which will list the winners over the years as well as some information about the person after whom the award is named.  As an example, the Jean Stephens Trophy will now be referred to as the Jean Stephens Award.

The trophies we are not retiring are:

  • In honour of the founder of the club, the Kate Buckman Trophywhich is won in December by a pair.  The winning pair can share this trophy, which is a silver tray on a wooden base.
  • In honour of our recently retired Director, the Barbara Seagram Trophywhich is awarded to the member who has accumulated the most masterpoints between June 1 and May 31.  This trophy is a pewter tray.
  • In honour of the long history of the club, the 50th Anniversary Trophy, which was started in 2009.  This competition takes place at the June AGM and will be awarded in the Fall, instead of waiting a whole year.   This trophy is a thick glass plaque on a wooden base.  
Exiting the Parking Lot

Please note that the road coming into the parking lot at Leaside Memorial Gardens on the north side is a two way street.  

The easternmost lane is for incoming cars.  Today a number of our members were trying to exit and turn left from this lane, preventing other users from entering the parking lot.

6th August 2018
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Luncheon - Anniversary Trophy
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Bosley Trophy #2
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