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Mold Bridge Club

Tea and coffee provided.

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For emergency use the phone number of the hall is 01352756088


News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Tables Reminder

Just a quick reminder to everyone, the club has new tables so if anyone wants one or more of the old tables, these can be purchased for £5.

Last updated : 21st May 2018 14:56 BST
Club League Results

So far we have played three and won three:

8 Nov 17 ABC West Vs Mold won by 17 IMPs which gives 14-6 victory points.

Our team was Yvonne and Mark and Lesley and Chris.

29 Nov 17 Mold Vs Ynys Mon won by a very slender 3 IMPs making an 11-9 victory points result.

Same team as above.

12 Dec 17 Mold Vs Colwyn Bay won by 32IMPs giving a 16-4 victory points win.

Team was Yvonne and Ron and Mark and Chris. Ron played very well making several game contracts and is to be thanked for stepping in with not much notice when Lesley couldn't play due to the weather.


We seem to have got into a rhythm of giving the other team a lead in the first half then coming good in the second half: First match down by 11 IMPs at half time followed by a 31-0 second half. Second match 11 IMPS down at half time followed by 14 IMP win in second half. Third march down by 12IMPs in first half only to get a cracking 44IMPs win in second half. So should we try to lull the opponents into a false sense of security by losing the first half?

Update 21 Dec

It couldn't last, we lost the fourth match against ABC East on 20 December by 15 IMPs.

Update 14 Jan 2018

Table of results now here

Update 1st February 2018

The other two matches have now been completed. Against Wrexham on 23rd January we again lost the first half then managed to recoup it with a slightly larger margin for a very narrow victory. The team was Yvonne and Wyn, and Malcolm and Mark.

Finally on 31 January 2018, our more normal team of Yvonne and Mark, Lesley and Chris managed to win the first half against Llanfairfechan. A slight loss in second half mainly caused by an unfortunate 4-0 trump split bringing an attempt at slam down.

This brings our record to won 5 lost 1 and everyone has lost at least one match. However, our margin of victory has generally been small so there are a couple of teams with a higher average number of victory points who have more games to play so only 3rd at present as far as we know. The table updated with the scores we know about now looks like this:

Table as at Jan 14, 2018

Last updated : 1st Feb 2018 15:49 GMT
Christmas Playing Dates

It is anticipated that there will be bridge over Chrismas holidays as follows:

Wed 20th Dec: Yes

Sat 23rd Dec: Please check

Tue 26th Dec: No

Wed 27th Dec: Yes

Sat 30th Dec: Please check

Tue 2nd Jan: Yes

Wed 3rd Jan: Yes

Last updated : 3rd Jan 2018 22:53 GMT
Mold Vs ABC East, Grant, and Tables

On 8 Nov 2017 Mold played a new league competition against ABC East (play at Menai Bridge).

The team consisted of Yvonne and Mark and Chris and Lesley. We won by 17 IMPs giving a 14 - 6 victory point win.

This competition is supposed to encourage people to start playing in other competitions so if anyone would like to play in one of the other matches, please let Yvonne know.


The WBU grant has been approved contributing £400 or half the cost of 16 new tables and a new laptop. We gratefully acknowledge this grant.

If any members want any of the old tables, these are available so if anyones wants one or more do make it known. Any contributions would be gratefully received.

Last updated : 20th Dec 2017 12:32 GMT
Club Competition Dates 2017/2018


Open to all members.

02/09/17    Saturday       Jubilee Plate - Round 1     Pairs           

05/09/17    Tuesday        Simultaneous                   Pairs    £3.50 entry fee       

12/09/17    Tuesday        Chidley Tray                    Pairs           

19/09/17    Tuesday        Holland Cup - Round 1     Pairs           

27/09/17    Wednesday   Charity Night                   Pairs    £5       

30/09/17    Saturday       Jubilee Plate - Round 2    Pairs           

03/10/17    Tuesday        Millenium Cup                 Teams*  No pairs event this evening.       

17/10/17    Tuesday        Holland Cup - Round 2    Pairs           

25/10/17    Wednesday   Sturgess Shield              Teams*  No pairs event this evening       

31/10/17    Tuesday        Mixed                             Pairs*           

04/11/17    Saturday       Jubilee Plate - Round 3    Pairs           

14/11/17    Tuesday        Holland Cup - Round 3    Pairs           

28/11/17    Tuesday        Anniversary Cup              Individual  No pairs event this evening       

02/12/17    Saturday       Jubilee Plate - Round 4    Pairs           

06/12/17    Wednesday   CHRISTMAS  PARTY               

16/01/18    Tuesday        Holland Cup - Round 4    Pairs           

30/01/18    Tuesday        Angus Wynne Shield      Teams*    No pairs event this evening.       

13/02/18    Tuesday        Holland Cup Final          Pairs           

27/02/18    Tuesday        Bevan Cup                    Gents Pairs*       
                                     Williams Bowl                Ladies Pairs*     

You are asked to indicate your entry to each *starred* competition by signing the entry form on the board as a minimum number of entrants is required.

These entry sheets will be removed the week prior to each event.

Competition Rules are posted on the notice board.

The above dates are subject to alteration.

In addition to these competitions there is also:

Lindsay Plate - pair, having played at least 20 non competition tuesdays, having highest average percentage and won no other trophy at the club

Louise Orm Cup - pair, having played at least 20 evenings, having highest average percentage


Last updated : 20th Dec 2017 12:32 GMT
Organising News Items Instructions

The second page can be used for news stories of general interest to members, but not necessarily "hot" news which is usually on the home page. Once a Hot News story becomes old news, just open it and change the page it shows on.

Last updated : 20th Dec 2017 12:32 GMT