Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club
Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club
We could use some help!

MObridge is increasingly dependant on technology for such things as weekly website updates, weekly announcements, surveys & course evaluations, internal administration & bookkeeping, etc.. This is all currently done on a volunteer basis. We could use some help!

If you enjoy working with technology & various software and on-line services, we can arrange training  and figure out how to distribute some of the work. You don't need programming level expertise, but just a basic understanding of standard Microsoft Office and some background using services in the on-line world.

If you have the interest, a bit of time, and want to contribute to the ongoing success of our club, please contact us by email.

Member Registration Instructions

In order to access this area of the website, you must first register yourself. The current known email addresses of our members have been pre-registered in the system.


When a member first clicks on a restricted page they will be taken to a login window with a [Forgotten Password] button.

  • On the first use, a member can enter their email and click [Forgotten Password] to obtain their assigned password. If this is a valid (i.e. registered email), an email will be sent to the email address entered, thus confirming who they are.
  • When this email arrives, a matter of seconds/minutes depending on their email service, the member then re-enters their email in the login window (if not already there) and this password and clicks the [Logon] button.
  • The member will now be logged on and, using the [Account] Tab, can change the password to one of their own choice.
  • Subsequently, members will be able to login using just their email or name (see below) and personal password only. Usually members can set up their PC's to remember these so it should only be a matter of a few clicks to get on again.


If you have any difficulty logging in, it may be because we have an incorrect email address for you in the system or your email address has not been properly registered. Please send an email to mail@MObridge.club and we will assist you.