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2018 Metropolitan Cup:

A Division Winners:


B Division Winners:


C Division Winners:



Archive News
National Inter-County League Finals 2018
  • 2018 Division A Devon
  • 2018 Division B Oxfordshire
  • 2018 Division C Hertfordshire

Congratulations to Devon for victory in the 'A' Division.

Oxfordshire won the B Division, and Hertfordshire won the C Division title for a third consecutive season.

Pictured above:

Devon 'A' (from L to R):
Richard Lingham, Stefan Lindfors, Harry Anoyrkatis, Gillian Fawcett,
Ann Slee, Warner Solomon, Joe Fawcett, Alex Maddocks.

(sorry, not one of my better photos.  The other I took was worse!)

Oxfordshire 'B' (from L to R):
Dinah Lintott, Adrian Lambe, Nigel Wilkes, Alastair Gidman,
Lorna Swadling, Ron Quainton, Gillian Lonsdale, Andrew Lintott.

Hertfordshire 'C' (not in order):
Michael Kaltz, Peter Lewy, Alan Hudson, Mike Levy,
Andy Fenn, David Arrighi, Derek Peers, Julian Peers.

Results available by links on right hand side, or via "Results" on the left.
If you look hard enough, you can find XIMP rankings (reflecting the change of section for E/W pairs).
Travellers & personal scorecards can only be shown via the individual session results.
I think now that travellers & hand records relate to the correct sessions!

About the Event

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2017 Metropolitan Cup

Congratulations for Berks & Bucks in winning the 'A' Division
Kent won the B Division; Surrey the C Division

Division A Ranking and Cross-Table Division A Cross-IMPs
Division B Ranking and Cross-Table Division B Cross-IMPs
Division C Ranking and Cross-Table Division C Cross-IMPs

Full results for each indidual Team-of-Four can be found via the Results menu.

Last updated : 19th Jun 2018 12:51 BST
National Inter-County League Finals 2017
  • 2017 Division A Winners
  • 2017 Division B Winners
  • 2017 Division C Winners

Congratulations to Cambs & Hunts for an overwhelming victory in the 'A' Division.

Manchester won the B Division, and Hertfordshire retained their C Division title on a tie-break over Gloucestershire.

Pictured above:

Cambs & Hunts (from L to R):
Nadia Stelmashenko, Catherine Curtis, Tim Pike, Paul Fegarty,
Paul Barden, David Kendrick, Simon Barb, Victor Milman

Manchester 'B' (not in order):
Eve Lighthill, Kenneth Hassell, Robert & Joyce Jones,
Gillian McMullan, Neil Thomas, Peter Foster, John Roberts

Hertfordshire 'C' (not in order):
Michael Kaltz, Peter Lewy, Alan Hudson, Mike Levy,
David & Jacqueline Collier, Andy Fenn, David Arrighi

Results can be viewed via the 'Results' menu on the left, or the short cuts on the right; 

Cross IMP rankings:

A Final XIMPs

B Final XIMPs

C Final XIMPs


About the Event

Last updated : 9th Oct 2017 13:38 BST
National Inter-County League Finals 2016
  • 2016 A Final Winners Manchester
  • 2016 B Final Winners Warwickshire
  • 2016 C Final Winners Hertfordshire

Congratulations to Manchester for retaining their 'A' Division Title.  Pictured (Left to Right): Tom Slater, Michael Byrne, Kath Nelson, Rodney Lighton, Michael Newman, Alan Nelson, Alan Mould, Alec Smalley.

Warwickshire won the B Division, and Hertfordshire the C Division.

Results can be viewed via the 'Results' menu on the left, or the short cuts on the right; 

Cross IMP rankings:

2016 A Final XIMPs

2016 B Final XIMPs

2016 C Final XIMPs


About the Event

Last updated : 16th May 2017 20:01 BST
Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Vietnam01
  • Vietnam02
  • Vietnam03
  • Vietnam04
  • Vietnam11
  • Vietnam12
  • Vietnam13
  • Vietnam14
  • Vietnam15
  • Vietnam16
  • Vietnam17
  • Vietnam18
Last updated : 7th Dec 2015 22:08 GMT
MCC v Melbourne Cricket Club
MCC v Melbourne Cricket Club

I had the pleasure of directing a (bridge) match between the two great cricket clubs, the MCC (Marylebone) and MCC (Melbourne Cricket Club) at Lords on 21st July.

It was a part of a multi-sport fixture.  The two clubs also played each other at cricket, (real) tennis and golf.  With a little welcome relief after the proceedings at Lords over the previous five days, the English won all of the fixtures, winning the bridge by some 75 IMPs in a teams-of-16 match (scored as four teams-of-four on each side).

Last updated : 10th Nov 2015 11:12 GMT
National Inter-County League Finals 2015
  • 2015 A Final winners Manchester
  • 2015 B Final Winners Hertfordshire
  • 2015 C Final winners Devon

Congratulations to the winners of each of the divisions:

A Division:  Manchester
   (L-R:)  John Currie, Gary Hyett, Rodney Lighton, Michael Newman
   Michael Byrne, John Holland, Tom Slater, Alec Smalley

B Division:  Hertfordshire
   (L-R:)   Malcolm Harris, Paul & Fiona Littlewood, Roger Edmonds
   Roy Button, Karima Basse, Maria Budd, David Stimson

C Division : Devon
   (L-R:) Gwen Watkins, Stephen Rafferty, Jeanine Keith, Roger Gowland
   George Delafield, Bill Luscombe, Betty Golding, Andrew Leslie

Hover your mouse over the 'thumbnail' pictures on the left to see an enlarged picture.

For the overall results, please click on the links on the right hand side of this page.  Pairwise Cross-IMP rankings below:

2015 A Final XIMP Ranks.htm

2015 B Final XIMP Ranks.htm

2015 C Final XIMP Ranks.htm

Last updated : 7th Mar 2016 13:28 GMT
Porthcawl Congress Results 2014

Friday 28th November

Ladies' Pairs (Phyllis Rowe) Open Pairs
Men's Pairs (Max Powell) Novice Pairs
Mixed Pairs  

Saturday 29th November

Pairs Qualifying  
Red Dragon (A Final) Open Pairs
Little Dragon (B Final) Seagull Teams

Sunday 30th November

Teams QR - Red Porthcawl Championship (A Final)
Teams QR - White Prince of Wales (B Final)
Teams QR - Blue Sker Trophy

Results can also be found at the WBU website

Please note that the Master Point awards for the Teams Championships are quite complicated, and the awards for rounds won cannot be displayd on the ranking lists.  Only the bonus ranking awards appear.  Full awards will be calculated shortly after the event, and credited directly to your WBU / EBU Master Point accounts.

Last updated : 21st Jan 2015 17:21 GMT
National Inter-County League Finals 2014
  • A Final winners Worcestershire
  • B Final winners Lancashire
  • C Final winners Sussex

The 2014 finals took place on Sunday 6th July at the West Midlands Bridge Club, Solihull.

Pictured are:
The 'A' Final Winners, Worcestershire
(L to R: Steve Allerston, John Sansom, Richard Jephcott, Stewart Fishburne, Nick Forward, Mike Willoughby, Ian Thompson, Simon Harrison)
The 'B' Final Winners, Lancashire
(not in order: John Brearley, Ross Shine, Don Hilton, Barrie Newall, John Morrell, Marianne Farr, Stuart Clarke, Bill Farr)

The 'C' Final Winners, Sussex
(L to R: Ray Burnett, Per Lindsten, Brian Gould, David Gillespie, Richard Newton, David Galpin, Joan Hootman, Fergus Cameron)

Overall results can be seen via the Results Menu.



Last updated : 21st Jan 2015 17:24 GMT