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2017 Change of Rank

* * * NEW JUNIOR MASTERS * * * 5-20 MP

Sarah S Nelson Jackson MS January

Margaret B Vinson Jackson MS January

Rebecca Thomasson Starkville MS February

Mr Frank Fillingim Jackson MS May

Mrs Mary Gilmore  Meridian MS June

Lois C Pauls Brandon MS July

* * *

* * * NEW CLUB MASTERS * * * 20-50 MP

Johnnie P Patton  Jackson MS February

Sharon W Hall  Brandon MS March

Howard L McMillan Jackson MS April

Patsy Mounger Jackson MS April

Ms Sandra A Vandevender Madison MS May

Karin B Helms Brandon MS June

Mrs Joyce C Mitchener West Point MS June

Karen R Spencer  Madison MS June

Lynn P Black  Starkville MS July

Jean M Bush Jackson MS July

Carolyn D McDaniel  Jackson MS July

Mrs Babs Deas  Starkville MS August

Ms Elizabeth L Frey  Jackson MS August

Ms Diane King  Meridian MS August

* * *

* * * NEW SECTIONAL MASTERS * * * 50-100 MP

Joe Donaldson  Jackson MS February

Miss Carole Mangrem  Clarksdale MS February

Susan B McNamara  Jackson MS February

Mary Ann O'Brien  Jackson MS February

Marisue F Wells   Jackson MS April

Mrs Mary C Howard Starkville MS June

Mr Archie Norton  Madison MS June

Clarence E Foreman  Jackson MS July

Jan L Johnson  Ridgeland MS August

* * *

* * * NEW REGIONAL MASTERS * * *100-200 MP

Mr Robert L Tomlinson Canton MS January

Sherry C Byrne Jackson MS March

Nena W Cross  Brandon MS  May

Babs B Henry Madison MS July

Charles F Payne Jackson MS July

* * *

* * * NEW NABC MASTERS * * * 200-300 MP

Mrs Emma R Weston  Ridgeland MS Feburary

Donna D Evans Jackson MS May

  * * *

* * * NEW ADVANCED NABC MASTERS * * * 300-500 MP

Mr John L Black Jr Madison MS June

* * *

* * * NEW LIFE MASTERS * * *

Dr J George Smith  Jackson MS February

Jack Bethany Jackson MS July



Sheila G Flurry Starkville MS January

Mary E Smith Jackson MS Jamuary

Mr Michael Longmeier  Meridian MS February

Mary Helen Kilgore  Quitman MS  April

Mrs Marilyn T Rose Ridgeland MS May

* * *


Brian S Archer  Tupelo MS April

Lanier Hurdle  Holly Springs MS April

Michael H Carter Greenwood MS May

Mary Y Clayton Clinton MS May

Mrs Frances G McCain Jackson MS May


* * *


Mrs Ginger L Bisek Madison MS May


* * *



Mr Vincent E Caracci  Jackson MS May

Carol Fielder Jackson MS May



Dr Habib H Bazyari  Meridian MS





2016 Change of Rank

* * * NEW JUNIOR MASTERS * * * 5-20 MP

Mrs Marilyn B Tabor Starkville MS February

Ms Sara G Tubertini  Ridgeland MS March

Ann Barksdale Jackson MS April

Peggy Cothren Jackson MS April

Elizabeth L Frey Jackson MS May

Marilyn D Carpenter Jackson MS June

Rose S Batte Ridgeland MS July

Mrs Gage M Black Greenwood MS July

James L Baker Cornith MS August

Linda M Richards Brandon MS August

Mrs Jean M Bush Jackson MS October

Karen R Spencer Madison MS October

Patricia S Leddy Saltillo MS November

Richard C Turner Jackson MS November

Mrs Elizabeth A Cottingham Madison MS December

Mr Mark Evans Ripley MS December

Mr William Stewart Okolona MS December

Carolyn M Stone Jackson MS December

* * *

* * * NEW CLUB MASTERS * * * 20-50 MP

Frank M Duke Jackson MS January

Susan B Duke Jackson MS January

Janet G Flowers Tunica MS January

Denise K Backstrom Tupelo MS February

Dr Frank R Briggs Jackson MS February

Lillian Shaw Okolona MS February

Sherry D Storey  West Point MS March

Robert A Barnes Greenwood MS May

Babs B Henry Madison MS May

Mr Stephen R Thomas Olive Branch MS May

Sandra R Underwood Jackson MS May

Sylvia W Carraway Jackson MS June

Jan N Patrick Brandon MS June

John D Jones Baldwyn MS July

Margaret P Morse Madison MS July

Archie Norton Madison MS July

Jodie Ruck Jackson MS July

Jeanne H Taylor Brandon MS July

Pat P Colwick Starkville MS August

Virginia F Webb Jackson MS August

Linda G Carpenter Jackson MS September

Betty Bell F Gibson Jackson MS September

Susan B McNamara Jackson MS September

William B Hulett Madison MS October

Beth C Crasto Jackson MS November

Mary K Callahan Terry MS December

Webb Franklin Franklin MS December

Pat H Rutledge Fulton MS December


* * *

* * * NEW SECTIONAL MASTERS * * * 50-100 MP

Ms Inez C Dunlap Brandon MS April

Pat McNease Jackson MS April

Susan S McNease Jackson MS April

Mary S Green Madison MS May

Debbie Rayburn Pontotoc MS May

Beverly A Sumrall Jackson MS May

Lynn McCoy Richland MS June

Judy Williams  Brandon MS June

Becky F Brister Canton MS July

Dottie F Donaldson Jackson MS July

Babs B Henry Madison MS October

C E McRoberts Jackson MS November

Susan E McRoberts Jackson MS November

* * *

* * * NEW REGIONAL MASTERS * * *100-200 MP

Michael A Hepburn Canton MS April

Harry Black Brandon MS May

Reba D Dabbs Brandon MS May

Catherine M Hepburn Canton MS May

Susan L Runnels Brandon MS June

Janey D Stubbs Starkville MS June

Marilyn E Greene Meridian MS July

Barbara P Sevier Jackson MS August

Ed Kossman Jr  Cleveland MS October

Cathy Martin  New Albany MS October

Mr Thomas W Mullen Brandon MS October

Cecil R Burnham Jackson MS December

Tommy Goodman Carrollton MS December

* * *

* * * NEW NABC MASTERS * * * 200-300 MP

Ms Ann W Hall Brandon MS February

Mr Michael Longmeier Meridian MS April

Red Moffat Jackson MS May

Kathryn M Davis  Jackson MS June

Gloria W Mitchell  Madison MS June

Reveland M Wheat Brandon MS June

Jean M Clark Jackson MS July

Loretta T Holmes Jackson MS October

* * * NEW ADVANCED NABC MASTERS * * * 300-500 MP

Mrs Jennifer A Abdalla Jackson MS February

* * *

* * * NEW LIFE MASTERS * * *

Ron Ashby Tupelo MS January

Ruby Lynn Bolin Starkville MS January

Mrs Jeanette E Koelling Starkville MS February

Vivian H Lee Meridian MS February

Deborah D Wieland Brandon MS February

Mrs Martha W Mazingo Meridian MS April

Caroline R Vanlandeghem Ridgeland MS April

William W Langston Tupelo MS June

Michael Longmeier  Meridian MS June

Jennifer A Abdalla  Jackson MS July

Sandy Black Madison MS July

Sherree R Maddox Meridian MS October

Thomas L Cupit Brandon MS November



Ms Kent P Peters Jackson MS February

Joan W Bridwell Greenwood MS May

Barbara Kreuz Madison MS May

Bill W Bridwell Greenwood MS July

Robert P Henderson Jackson MS july

J Makey Meridian MS July

Nell F Husbands Starkville MS September

* * *


Charlotte W Flaherty Ecru MS July

Mrs Linda L Farr Jackson MS September

Anne P Wells Jackson MS November



Mrs Norma Dotson Flowood MS February

Mrs Susan S Purdy Jackson MS February

Janice R Foxx Belden MS March

Ms Donna Hambrick Saltillo MS April

Mr Mike Hurdle Holly Springs MS April

Lucy G Mazzaferro  Jackson MS June



Margaret T Lyons  Ridgeland MS September








* * * NEW JUNIOR MASTERS * * * 5-20 MP

Mrs Jona M Keeton Jackson MS January

Joseph N Candelora Madison MS February

Billy S Dabbs Brandon MS February

Webb Franklin Franklin MS February

William L Rainer Meridian MS February

Jerry E Zoble Madison MS February

Ms Sylvia W Carraway Jackson MS March

Beth L Threadgill Jackson MS March

Virginia J Foreman Jackson MS April

Mrs Lynn P Black Starkville MS June

Mrs Ann H Lee Brandon MS June

Pat H Rutledge Fulton MS June

William B Hulett Madison MS July

Mr Bill D Lindsey Baldwyn MS July

Mrs Barbara Mallinson Jackson MS July

Mrs Babs Deas Starkville MS August

Vertie H Martin Jackson MS August

K T Pearson Meridian MS September

Beth C Crasto Jackson MS October

Linda Davis Ridgeland MS October

Betty Bell F Gibson Jackson MS October

Mrs Sudie M Manning Flowood MS October

Susan B McNamara Jackson MS November

Archie Norton Madison MS November

Karin B Helms Brandon MS December

Babs B Henry Madison MS December

Judy H Smelser Madison MS December

Sandra A Vandevender Madison MS December

Devane F Yates Jackson MS December


* * * NEW CLUB MASTERS * * * 20-50 MP

Nadia A Tyson Ridgeland MS January

Joann N Knox Brandon MS February

Colin A P McNease Jackson MS February

Debbie Rayburn Pontotoc MS February

Betty W McPhail Starkville MS March

Jerry E Zoble Madison MS March

Becky F Brister Canton MS April

Mrs Noriko Faust McComb MS April

Ms Jane Hawkins Brandon MS April

Marisue F Wells Jackson MS April

Suzanne D Calvert West Point MS May

Mrs Susan E McRoberts Jackson MS May

Jan L Johnson Ridgeland MS June

Mr C E McRoberts Jackson MS June

Mary Jane Ridgway Jackson MS June

Virginia Brimble Meridian MS September

Mrs Judy J Ferguson Terry MS October

Clarence E Foreman Jackson MS October

Joseph N Candelora Madison MS November

Billy S Dabbs Brandon MS November

Betty P Henson Tupelo MS November

Joe Donaldson Jackson MS December

Linda M Oatway Brandon MS December

* * *

* * * NEW SECTIONAL MASTERS * * * 50-100 MP

Mrs Catherine D Robinson Jackson MS January

Mr James N McKell Starkville MS March

Mrs Sherry P Moreland Starkville MS March

Susan L Runnels Brandon MS March

Mr Harry Black Brandon MS April

Reba D Dabbs Brandon MS April

Mr Thomas W Mullen Brandon MS April

Mrs Beverly S Painter Jackson MS April

Frank J Reilly Jr Jackson MS April

Rosalind W Foil Starkville MS May

Ms Mitzi S Priest Canton MS May

Mr Robert L Tomlinson Canton MS May

Catherine M Hepburn Canton MS June

Michael A Hepburn Canton MS June

Dr H Richard Johnson Jackson MS July

Joann N Knox Brandon MS September

Paul S James Amory MS October

Mrs Patsy P Turner Jackson MS October

Mrs Hilda Wadkins Starkville MS October

Cecil R Burnham Jackson MS November

Mrs Mary Rose Carter Greenwood MS November

Mrs Maureen H Staley Brandon MS November

* * *

* * * NEW REGIONAL MASTERS * * *100-200 MP

Howard R Hinds Tupelo MS January

Dorothy M Rainer Meridian MS January

Sondra S Holman Jackson MS March

Dr Louise J Jones Jackson MS March

Mr J F Davis Ridgeland MS May

Margaret V Johnson Starkville MS May

Dorothy G Stewart Ridgeland MS May

Ms Ann W Hall Brandon MS June

Sara M Hinds Tupelo MS June

Kathryn M Davis Jackson MS July

Norma W Eddington Jackson MS July

Mrs Ann T Minton Madison MS July

Mr Stanley R Spurlock Starkville MS July

Ms Reveland M Wheat Brandon MS August

Mrs Sandra S Norton Madison MS October

* * *

* * * NEW NABC MASTERS * * * 200-300 MP

Mr Jack Bethany Jackson MS February

Ms Brenda M Brown Jackson MS April

Amanda P Davis Ridgeland MS May

Mrs Norma Gardner Starkville MS May

Mrs Jennifer A Abdalla Jackson MS June

Mrs Mary Jo Briggs Jackson MS July

Elouise D Lee McComb MS August

* * * NEW ADVANCED NABC MASTERS * * * 300-500 MP

William W Langston Tupelo MS April

Caroline R Vanlandeghem Ridgeland MS May

* * *

* * * NEW LIFE MASTERS * * *

Mr Charles C Taylor Madison MS March

Helen M Taylor Jackson MS June

Jerry Burford Clinton MS August

Robert P Henderson Jackson MS August


Mrs Ethel J Gibson Jackson MS April

Elizabeth L Rice Madison MS April

Wanda J White Guntown MS April

Mrs Susie Friou Ridgeland MS June

Mrs Gail R Long Starkville MS June

Glenda Arnsdorff Meridian MS December

* * *


Mrs Pat Allen Canton MS July

Martha C Cooper Madison MS September

Margie K Cunningham Meridian MS September

Mrs Irene P Crowder Madison MS October

Jean Denson Brandon MS December



Mrs Elizabeth Ogle Brandon MS March