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Welcome to Mila's Bridge Club



Why Mila's Club?
Why Mila's Club?

It all began about 2007 when the late Mila  Dance  started teaching bridge for a few interested friends in her home.  When it expanded to three tables in November 2007 we moved to the parish meeting room in Burwash.  In January 2011 we re-located to our new home at Punnetts Town where we have grown to six or more tables. Its focus remains on encouraging beginners and those new to duplicate bridge although all bridge players are welcome.  

It is now a flourishing club with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and we meet, in the very comfortable Punnetts Town Village Hall on Thursday afternoon with play starting at 2.00pm.   Single players are welcome, as the Director will ensure that they are matched with a partner.

Scorer: Patricia Evans
Director: Bernard
Scorer: Bernard Maishman
Director: Jim
Scorer: Bernard Maishman