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Big Thanks!
Mar 28, 2018 12:47 EDT
Big Thanks!

  • Jeanette Halliday and Rose Ball for making our new table covers.
  • Members who generously decorated The Hawkins Room with their beautiful quilts.
  • The Lalondes for their maintenance work around the outside of the club
  • Anna Janssen for membership coordination
  • All the kitchen help people
  • Dorothy Slopek for buying all the cookies and crackers
  • Everyone who volunteers to buy and prepare the alternative snacks
  • Vern for volunteering to be our greeting card sender
Introducing A Learners Game

New at the Midland Bridge Club

A Learners Game

Starting date: Monday June 11th and every Monday thereafter

Time:          10am – noon

Location:   The Midland Bridge Club - 427 William St.  Midland 

Cost:           $5.00


Play 12 boards (hands) of bridge in a relaxed setting. A 5-minute hint of the day will precede every game. Hand records of the boards played will be provided. Try to come with a partner, however if you contact JoAnn, she will try to match up singles.

Better Bridge - Greg Coles Spring Bridge Lessons

Announcing Spring Tuesday Bridge Lessons
with Greg Coles


Every Tuesday in June, from 7pm to 9:30pm, Greg will be leading bridge classes, focusing on the Play of the Hand.  These classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate players.

Email to pre-register.

$10 per class or $35 for all four.





Club Coordinators

Partnership Coordinator

Jeannette Halliday

Greeting Card Coordinator

Vern Beacock

Monday Afternoon Snack Sign Up Sheet

There has been ongoing discussions and requests for healthy alternatives to cookies on Monday afternoons. 

So there is now a sheet at the club for members to sign-up to buy and prepare cheese, vegi's and/or fruit alternatives.  There's lots of boxes of crackers already at the club.  Bring in your receipt and you will be reimbursed for the expenses.

Left-overs will be kept in the fridge for Wednesday night players.

Please help!  If all members sign up for one Monday, many will only need to help out ONCE or TWICE A YEAR.

Cookies will still be available for those who like a sweet treat!

There are two covered serving containers available at the club for this.  Take one home the week before and bring back full on your date.  Don't forget to bring your receipt.


Great Bridge Videos

Is Duplicate Bridge For Me?

A MUST-WATCH for everyone.

Google “benefits of playing bridge” and you’ll be surprised at the number of articles published on how this game keeps the mind active and youthful.  In 2000, according to, a professor proved that playing bridge increases the levels of infection fighting T-cells in the blood stream.  


Suggestions? Comments?

If you have any thoughts about what you'd like to see here on the site, please click here to send them in.  No promises on how quickly changes/additions will be implemented but all ideas will be considered.

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