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Mick's Club - DynaMick Bridge
The Winner's Circle

65.26% August 26 GW Summer STAC
1st in C - 16th overall  - 303 Tables

8.59 Master Points!

Scott Magged & Randy Bissett

72.32% May 13 Western Conf STAC
2nd Place in Event - 281 Tables

15.56 Master Points!

Alan Stanley & Patrick Moran

71.73% April 22 UNIT GAME
Susan & John Tracey

72.50% March 23
Helen & Marinus Nyholt

74.04% March 4
Sue Moore & William Treble

70.90% March 4
S James Elliott & Tony Glynne

70.11% Nov. 17 STAC
Nancy Erickson & Darryl Hendershot

0 0 0 0 0 0
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Welcome to Mick's Club!

Mick's Club is proud to partner with Palm Springs Bridge Club - bringing you games in the Mid and West Valley!

Mick directs Saturday games at Cathedral Center.  

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Mick Riccio

Mick has over 25 years of Directing and teaching experience. He prides himself on running friendly and well-balanced games, and will go out of his way to be sure all players are treated equally and all Director's rulings are fair.

During Snow-Bird Season in the Coachella Valley, Mick is kept busy full time (and more) with his teaching and Directing schedule. He has taught hundreds of students over the years and many of them have continued to become regular Duplicate players, with more than a fair-share of Life Masters and beyond!

While Mick's teaching and Directing schedule is varied, in 2015/2016 he will be at The Vintage Club, Eldorado Country Club, The Citrus Club, Indian Ridge, The Hideaway, The Lakes, PGA West, and of course The Duncan Bridge Center. Mick will also be running both private, invitational, and open games at many of those locations.

In 2012, 2013, and 2014 Mick was the Manager of the Palm Springs Regional, the 3rd largest Regional in the United States. Mick repeatedly received the highest Customer Satifsfaction ratings of any Regional or National Tournment in the U.S. In 2015 he is taking a breather to give full-time focus to his own students and players!

To Contact Mick

Mick can be reached at:

Or by phone to:  760 322-0059

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