Spade Heart Mick's Club - DynaMick Bridge Diamond Club
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The Winner's Circle

70.82% April 5 PGA West
Sherry Peshek Zehr & Judith Schwartz

71.25% Nov 30 PGA West
Marilyn Leggett & Cathy Ross

72.66% Nov 9 UNIT GAME
Paul & Gale Houvener

65.26% August 26 GW Summer STAC
1st in C - 16th overall  - 303 Tables

8.59 Master Points!

Scott Magged & Randy Bissett

Welcome to Mick's Club!

Mick is Coachella Valley's premier bridge instructor and holds regular seminars at The Duncan 
Bridge Center as well as many private Country Clubs in the Valley!

Mick directs at PGA West on Thursdays (in Season)

Mick directs at Cathedral City Senior Center every Saturday (in partnership with Palm Springs Bridge Club)

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